Nail art designs – Simple Nail art designs by Rekha Gambhir


Hi Anamika….

Merry Christmas… 🙂
I am Rekha Gambhir (FAN WiseShe)
I am enclosing some Nail art designs which I do…being a beginner….
Its a nice feeling sharing my art designs with you all…..

nail art design in blue

simple nail art desing

Nail art design for beginners
Nail art design for beginners

Simple nail art design

These are going in wise she nail art design gallery 🙂


  1. meko kya shakespeare samajh rakha hai! 😛 :P… anyways.. these nail arts.. are they done wid thin brush or is it like those tattoo kinda nail arts..!

  2. bhanu pratap halwai :O aise khatarnaak naam maine india me hi sune the.. yaha to nai sune :P…
    lolz meko wo pink wale and golden wale tattoo wale lage.. shayad quality ki wajah se..! but bahot ache design hai 😀 btw.. jiske design hai wo kaha hai :O

    uske nails ka raaz pooche 🙁

  3. Prerna…..when i start doing some of my ORIGINAL ones i will….for now its all that i pick up from Wiseshe that goes onto my nails, face, body everywhere 😛


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