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Nail art -  I recently purchased lot many nail paints but was not liking them on my nails because of the mehndi.My hands were itching to do something interesting and I came up with this golden nail paint which was lying with me since long.

So now I know that if you have mehndi on your hand then some of the colours like gold, red and dark pink goes well on them.Not that I didn’t know this before but I thought gold is only for brides 😀

Gold nail paint is kind of a bridal nail paint beside red and maroon.Nail paint is perfect for this festive season

This is going to Wise She Nail art gallery

Do you know any other nail paint which look nice on mehndi applied hand.?

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  1. 🙂 i will surely be the one congratulating you everytime!
    Actually i found your blog from Tanveer's and loved it.
    Keep it going….. and you will see people loving you ^_^

  2. aaaahhh…me love being loved..i guess all of us do.:)

    Thank u soosoo much..Tanveer is a dear blogger friend of mine and i love her:)


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