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Hello everyone !!!

Everyone here is talking about cold nowadays .Mitra told me that it has never been  this cold in 27 years of her life . I just smiled because I am sitting in my cut sleeves T -shirt here.When one experience the extreme cold conditions then it becomes so easy to survive at other places 😛

So all my Delhite friends who are waiting patiently and staying as warm as they can,  this tutorial is for you guys 🙂

I have short nails now and I feel little relaxed .I don’t have to put them in lemon juice or massage coconut oil on them for few days :P.Though I do miss my long nails  as nail art always look the best on long nails only.Still forgetting this I did a  very simple nail art design today.I wanted to include some green and yellow colors in my nail art to cheer myself up today.


Nail art for short nails

Step1 – To start with it I applied base coat on my nails to protect them from getting yellow.Then applied street wear tinted gold on it.With black nail paint and thin brush draw one curved line as shown in the picture.

nail art for beginners

Step2 – Now draw another curved line with  green nail paint as shown in the picture below.

 Nail art for beginners

Step3 – With a tooth pick or nail art tool draw some yellow dots as shown in the pic.You can use dots the way you like.It is all up to your convenience .Now finish it off with a top coat and you are done.

short nail art


It is a very simple nail art design and won’t take more than ten minutes.

 Do share your simple nail art designs as well 🙂


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