4 Simple Nail Art


By Tanaya,

Hello everyone:)

Its first time I am sharing something on Wise She ..so little nervous 😛

Here are some Nail Art Pictures that I tried to do..i am very new in this and hold very little knowledge about this art.Will be looking forward for your honest feedback 🙂

Nail Art Design- Spring Nail Art tutorial



Nail Art gallery - Nail Art in Black and grey



Nail Art tutorial +Nail art gallery




Nail Art Gallery+Nail Art tutorial


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  1. Hawww Tanya your hands..they look so soft and beautiful….mine all manly manly looking hands and feet…arrrggghhh

    And ya the designs are just as beautiful as your hands… :-))

    Anu, you already doing enough by bringing this blog to us all…so i forgive your laziness O:-) O:-)

    • arrre i did tell u .may be u didnt check where u posted it or i misplaced the comment…I saw you with a guy in afternoon….you were sitting on a bench near body shop u were talking and talking an guy was all chup :rotfl:

  2. Lol…yeah that was me…i was trying to tell explain him why i need to get those expensive body shop items….lol…. :laugh:

    • :rotfl::rotfl: see i saw you.i first thought of saying hi then i remember that it was yur guy birthday that day.u said Monday na.. so i dint disturb u guys 🙂

      • its ok baba….he would not mind…infact he is more like my best friend than a bf…we keep fighting..literal fighting and boxing..its fun…and he is such a sweetheart too….

    • Yes u were wearing black jeans…..dont remember the top but i think guy was in white shirt.and he looked handsome 😉 didnt pay much attention to you naa :D:D:D

        • actually Mitra it was just 5 second glans…i saw you and some guy and i just passed you so didnt c u properly…properly means like woman do :D:D
          but i saw yur face and your picture came in my mind 🙂

  3. thank u rashmi meenu heena:-)) u gals r influencing me 2 do more nail arts but my mom wl kill me :silly: xm time naa… :sick: :X-P:

  4. Oh my god your hands look so baby-ish !! 😀 😀 😀 . i liked all of ’em…especially 1 and 3 …color combo is good.. :yes: :yes:


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