Nail art designs – Pink and white nail art with some glitter (Picture tutorial)


Helloes !!!!

I did nail art on Elle 18 nail pops 07  today .A very simple design and I used my old thin eyeliner brush for this and a ball pen tip.


Here goes the tutorial :-

Step 1 – Apply base coat on your nails and then I applied pink nail paint on my nails.

Step 2 – With a thin brush and a dark pink nail paint draw two diagonal  lines as shown below.Now take some shimmer (any colour) I am using white shimmer in this one . Apply transparent coat on the corner of your nails and top it up with some shimmer.

Step3 – Now I made some upside down V and added white dots on them with a ball pen tip.


Step3  – Now fill the space between the diagonals with white nail paint and finish it off with a top coat again.… I am using Maybelline colorma  transparent nail paint.



Click here for more nail art pictures



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