Nail Art Designs – Watermelon Design Nail art


It is damn cooollld today and when sun showed up for a while I felt like having fruits under the sun :D:D so instead of eating fruit I tried to paint fruits on my nails :D:D

 I did this in three steps and here I go with the Nail art tutorial

Step1 – Apply a transparent nail polish as a base coat .

Step2– Apply a coat of red or pink  nail polish to the entire nails and allow it to dry.I used Revlon Electric Mix nail paint.

Nail art designs

Step2 –  Painted Nail tips with green nail polish

Nail art designs in India

Step3 – Below the green tip apply yellow nail paint (a very thin curve line by following the green nail paint).If you can apply thinner line than me then it will look much better.
Once the tips have dried up apply small dots which will appear like watermelon pips using  black nail art pen or just a tooth pick.

Finish it up by applying a top coat to seal the nail art

Nail art designs - Nail art

and we are done   

Simple and easy !!!

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  1. Woww this is lovely!!! Sooo cute:))) Hey Anamika check out my new website and the first post too. I'm quite nervous so would love if you visit it and give me some suggestions!!


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