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zebra nail art tutorial


For todays nail art I decided to  do animal print today. I am crazy about cheetah print as well but currently I have zebra print on my nails.Animal prints are the latest trend and are quite popular among the college going girls.I did above zebra nail art recently and here we go with the tutorial.Hope you like it.

Zebra Print Nail Art Requirement:-


Zebra Nail Art How To :-

So here we go

 Step1 – We will start the tutorial by applying top coat on the nails.This will prevent the nails from getting yellow and will prevent the white nail polish from looking streaky.

Step2 –  In the second step apply 2-3 coats of white polish.You will have to wait for a minute for every coat to get dried or get the one white nail paint polish which gets dry instantly

Step3 – Now comes the interesting part.Take a paint brush and wet it with water and keep dipping it in black paint to get the righ consistency.It should be good enough to make a thin point.Now start with the zebra pattern.You don’t need to be very dexterous to draw these.Use small and short strokes and then slowly start working on them.You might go wrong 2-3 times but after that you will find it pretty easy.

If you want you can practice on the scrap paper first then gradually move on to your nails.

To finish the nai art dip a Q tip in the nail polish remover and cean the edges up of your finger tips to remove excess nail polish around.

You can use different colour combination for it .You can make tiger print nail art with different colour.You can just go on and on with this options are just endless.


 Have you tried Zebra Nai Art Before?


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