Nail Art Flower Designs (Beginners)


Few weeks back I showed you tips and toes nail enamel in persian green colour.I like using this colour in this horrid summer as it gives kind of cool feeling.

I did this simple nail art with the same colour .If you are a beginner in nail art then you can do it easily πŸ™‚

Glitter Nail Art Designs

To start with it  I applied transparent nail paint on the nails to protect them from getting yellow followed by  two coats of the 31 grass tips and toes nail paint.

Simple Nail Art Design in glitter

Took some nail art glitter and picked it up with a transparent nail paint brush and applied it on the tip of the nail polish.


French Manicure In Glitter Tutorial

Now with nail art dotting tool applied these dots giving them a flower shape.You can use tooth pick too or a ball point pen tip to draw these dots.Applied yellow nail paint in the middle and sealed the nail art with a transparent nail coat  and I am done πŸ™‚

Easy Nail Art in glitter

It is a simple nail art design which doesn’t take much of time and matches most of my dresses πŸ™‚

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  1. wow anamika super duper cute…
    love the green..making a list of things to buy when iam visit india in july..first on the list is 31 grass tip …heheh

    • actually i got it from New you but when i checked again with them it was not there neither they had any clue about it πŸ™

  2. Its been what ? like a month ?? i have been away to my grandma’ place, a little village on outskirts of karimnagar. though hot there is a different beauty to summers in villages….the air is fresh and nights so noise free :). lots of food and traditional cooking….especially the making of pickles πŸ˜€ . yea,came back refreshed. proof of that ? i swear less and smile more when i drive in hyd traffic πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    how’s you been ?

    i would access wiseshe on my mobile…but couldn’t comment .


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