Nail Art for short nails – Free hand nail art with step by step pictures.


Hello girls!!!

Nail art for short nails – I am doing a nail art after a long gap and the reason is that I am playing badi nowadays and with long nails it become difficult to hold the badminton.So I have cut them really short for the time being.

Today I thought let me show you guys some simple nail art design for short nails.It is easy and and looks neat.You can wear this in office or college too I guess,  until and unless you are working for CBI :D:D Silly joke I agree :D:D

Ok so lets go ahead with the nail art tutorial

Step1 – I applied pink nail paint as the base.Used Maybelline colorma astral nail paint. for this.It is kind off a pinky nude which is one of my favorite nail paint.

Step2 – Now take any thin brush. You can wash and re use your old eyeliner brush or any thin drawing brush etc.

Step3 – Draw one horizontal and one vertical lines as shown in the picture.They do not have to be exactly straight .

Step4 – With blue added some magenta lines also as shown in the pics.

Step5   – In the end I added some long blue dots with a tooth pick near the perpendicular.Sealed the nail art with a transparent nail coat.

Easy design which can be done on short nails also.

More nail art designs pictures here


  1. hmm not feeling that creative as nails have become too short :D:D but i remembered something very interesting today..will do it 2mrw:D

  2. You somehow do the things according to my needs…… 🙂 or say it like this: i can relate to your articles very much….
    i too have cut my nails some time back and since then i cant apply any nailpaint coz every color doesnt turn out as i expect them to on short nails.
    is gareeb ki dua lagegi- bhagwan tumhe sada salamat rakhe


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