Nail art – Free hand nail art design


I got some pretty heart shaped stone from a children stationery shop.I used them for my nail art :D:D.

This is going to my nail art gallery 

Did it while watching Big Boss.Can’t  believe she Sarah and ali actually got married in a relaity show.I read in the newspaper that it is all scripted and they have been paid Rs 50 lakh for this..

Scripted or non scripted??


  1. nice nail art !………even i think its scripted….!!! and who wud marry in public unless they gettng a good amt../
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  2. :O :O black eye shadow thik hai! but no black lippies and black blush! NO NO [-x
    joker ni bana meko!..

    usse acha real dishum dishum ho jayegi

  3. achaaaa meko BLACK khud ko BROWN! 🙁 main ni main ni! 🙁
    u ke liye BLUE 😛 😛

    hihihihi! chal main gym jaing 🙁
    enjoy weekend 😉


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