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By Reddy,

Hey ladies,
Thank you for liking my simple flower nail art design

I did played with nail colors again hope you like these nail art pictures as well:)

Rainbow Mania ( 1& 2 )

This has turned out to be my favourite. I just love the colors. Many a time i want ALL the colors on nails and keep oscillating between choices. This removes that effort 🙂

I borrowed this from a cousin of mine who loves nail art too 🙂 . This splash of colors would be pretty on any nails irrespective of length.


Simple Nail Art Design in GREEN




Rainbow Nail Art


Color Sprinkler (3 )

This is quite simple . Spherical dots would make it look neat. I wanted random sizes. A lighter background rather than a darker one suits this as they stand elevated.


Floral Nail Art Design

Spiral Case (4)

This is the reproduction of a design i sighted somewhere. Don’t recall exactly. No harm in sharing 🙂 . The effort would be neater if the stupid spirals are discarded with the dots being retained. Give the dots a cascading ( decrease the dot size as you move ) look and the look would be pleasant.


Nail Art For Beginners


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  1. The first 2 designs is what i usually do, just that i apply the same combi on all my nails. The combination colours have to match either my outfit or my accessories… :yes: :yes:


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