Nail Art Gallery By Reddy


By Reddy ,

Hi friends,

I did these nail art and wanted to share with Wise She readers out here.

Simple  nail art Blue clouds

This was for a cousin . She had farewell at her college and got her nails done with me. It was a frenzy and it slipped my mind to click pics.So I repeated the same on mine 🙂

Simple again. Shimmery blue as base ,navy blue dots and white dots overlapping the blue dots. Central placing of the white on blue dot gives a different look though 🙂

Simple Nail Art Design in Blue and White

Simple nail art design – Summer Red ( 2 & 3 )

I am yet to get my brushes delivered. So had a tough time getting this design done .

Use a light green as base and draw the flowers with 3 petals. Fill the flower up. Use yellow to give depth to the flower

I did two variants in this. It was a real task to get the leaf using a pencil tip. Darn !!


Flower Nail art design

Nail Art Gallery - Simple Nail Art design

Nail art for Party – Myriad dots

This was again for the farewell. Had to repeat on my nails. Not very neat work  but liked the idea :


Party Nail Art Photos


Which nail art did you like?

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  1. Thank you girls. The last one has a separate design on each nail. i love multi colors and hence did the same. But,one can wear each of ’em 🙂

    I liked the beauty that a contrast creates 😀

    Just back from a telugu movie Shakti….shit movie..paid bucks to fetch a head ache 😥 😥

  2. Thanks girls. The last one has a separate design on each nail…akin to 5 nail designs 🙂

    @ Adivaah – am glad you liked ’em

    @ anamika – i know u like my neatness 😀

    @ tanaya – looks cool in summer ain’t it 😛 . look at nails and try to dream of rains 😀

    @ prachi -you meant the blue in last one ??

    @ sumitha – yea yellow and red is such a explosive combo…:)

    @ heena – looks like you are a color freak like me 😀 😀

    @ amrin,ibc-thanks girls….blue appears to be the fav one

    But honestly i put effort into the second one…what went wrong ? would it look good if the leaf is discarded ?

  3. Reddy 😯 😯 :hypnotized: :hypnotized:
    And the blue one :hypnotized: :hypnotized:
    I have already used up all good words for your previous nail arts. So pls excuse me I’ll go look at the pics again and stare :hypnotized:

      • Yeah she is sooo talented! And I know you are talented too but you are being lazy and not giving us any nail art tips :smug: :smug: heheh.. I know you are very busy but do post more nail arts when you have some leisure :))

  4. 😀 😀 do blink once in a while 😀 😀

    you r welcome to use ’em. I use lots of anamika’ takes and the other girl’ wonderful reviews too… 🙂

  5. Reddy girl yu are too good with nail art…btw whats your first name…obviously Reddy is your last name 🙂 tell us only if you are comfortable sharing your first name… 🙂


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