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Nail art – I thought this one will be any easy nail art but my black nail polish application dint come out that beautifully as I expected it to be.Though I have nail art thin brushes with me but I want to do this one without using them so that those who do not have it get inspired and  try this simple nail art design.
So here goes my simple nail art tutorial
Step1– Apply a transparent base coat on your nails.
Step2- Take any stripping tape and cut it into 2-3 inch pieces.You will need five pieces for these.
Step3– Apply them diagonally on all the fingers including your thumb too
Step4- Now apply black nail polish on  stripping tape as well as on your nail such that the black nail polish line is formed on your nails.(If you have a thin nail art brush then use that.Black line will come out better)
 Step5- Wait for two minutes and remove the tape.
Step6– Now apply different color nail paints on each finger .
Step7– Draw a flower with a tooth pick or a ball pen like I did in nail art  this tutorial.If you want you can skip the flower making part.

Step8-Use a Q-tip  dipped in polish remover to take off excess polish from the skin around your nails.
Here is the final look
You can check out some more simple nail art design below


  1. One day there will be a nail art which will make u fall for it and u will try then each nail art of mine:P

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