Nail Art On French Manicure


Hi girls,
I hope you are going to enjoy the last day of your long weekend:) .We went to a friend’s place for lunch and I did this simple manicure before leaving and clicked some pictures while doing the nail art.

I did the french manicure with the help of a stripping tape.You can read the french manicure trick here. I used Chambor manicure set for it.

nail art on french manicure

This is how it turned out.

Nail art design on french manicure

Just to make it little interesting I tried to make purple bow with the help of 3d nail art pen and some dots and lines to make it appear like an hello kitty nail art :P. In the end I sealed the nail with a transparent nail coat .


Hello Kitty Nail Art

Will try to make better kitty next time 😛

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  1. I was visiting so frequently here today evening but whenever I am abt to comment some work or the other came up :(( Either a call ro mom 🙁

  2. Good Morning everyone !!!

    Yesdya i did a lil buying..most of them being Wiseshe reviewd prods 🙂

    Lotus sun screen face wash, 3 in 1 tinted sun block, CLearsil 4 hours formula, LAkme everyday foundation, Watercress condi from Biotique, Carribean after sun face wash…lol now i have a face wash before and after sun exposure each..haha

  3. Not great but OK… me so dissapointed by myself… i just went blank in last two questions… attempeted both but second last is wrong… :-(( :-((

      • 😯 😯 😯 what are you saying….. even my mom said the same but is it true????
        i slept for 4 1/2 hrs… but i guess thats a normal sleep for me during exams… oh my… i am feeling guilty and angry on me now :-X


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