Nail Art – Simple Flower Nail Art Design


By Reddy ,

Hey girlie

I made a few simple nail art designs so thought of sharing it on Wise She

Maroon Splash

Apply a base coat and top it with the Maroon nail colour. I used Lakme deep blush maroon

Further, plop white paint like the four square corners at the nail tip. Make sure the drop has volume to it. Then,drop the maroon paint on the white drop . Do not push the paint down. It gotta be superficial. Use a needle or any sharp object to pull all the four corners in. Dot the center and draw a little curve.

Gold Drops

Forgive the clumsiness in the slants i managed to make in this. Get it right and am sure it would look better

Apply a base coat. Imagine the nail as 2 sandwiches ( 2 little triangles )

Using a gold color go as a slant from one corner to the opposite.Even if paint spills onto other triangle its ok ‘cos the other paint would cover it up.


Simple Nail Art Design In GOLDEN

Using the other color fill the empty triangle up. Make sure you get this right as this is the line thats visible.


Flower Nail Art Designs

Dot the thing up and its done 🙂

I used colorama artistica for these


Flower Nail Art Design In Pink And Gold


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  1. Reddy the frist nail art is just so perfect :worship: It doesn’t look hand drawn but rather like a sticker! :yes: :yes:

  2. Hey thanks girls. It took a few minutes. Cos those drop flowers i so common on nails i just tried this and it came out well 🙂

    the lakme color was a frustrated buy. i was looking at colors and colors. none interested me and i just bought this off.

    Yea. Lakme bought some new colors but its sure tough to choose dark colors. And removing them is so frusto :))

  3. i love colorama and revlon. lakme is quite ok but their colors are boring. Even streetwear has lovely shades these days. If i were to wear weird shades my mum says am sporting Asian Paints 😀

    what names you prefer ??

  4. I have most of those shades…i was trying for some in shimmer and glitter. Not many offer extreme glitter. i want ’em. some sites offer free shipping on above 25 $ or 50 $ purchase. gathering stuff into cart 😀 . And my bro would come to india during rains. would loot him then with my shopping 😀 :secret:

  5. such an art of perfection and reddy…you say sorry for clumsy slanted arches!! i love to do nail art but i think i would never be able to do so thin lines as u hv drawn to make petal’s of those flowers!!


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