Nail Art Tips And Tricks You May Like To Try


Nail Art Tips And Tricks You May Like To Try

Hey lovelies,

Do you have long nails and love painting them like me? Since years I just painted them with single colored nail polishes so far but recently I bought my first glitter gel nail polish which is a cute pink with many stars in it. Yes, I got attracted to those stars and immediately grabbed it. It was my first ever glitter paint; so I even didn’t check the brand and got it when I saw the small stars in it in the market. Now that I got my hands on glitter paints, now I’m eyeing on nail art as well. I was browsing though many nail art tips and tricks when I found these ideas which are affordable yet create stunning nail arts. Check them below and let me know if you have tried them before.

Nail Art With Tape Stripes:

nail art with tape

Many might have known this trick already but if you don’t, then you should give it a try. Just think what kind of patterns you want to make on your nails first and then cut the tape into pieces or stripes accordingly. Suppose you are using two colors for this, first apply a base color. Let it dry completely, else you’ll be messing it up later. Now fix the tape pieces and stripes based on your idea or patterns on your mind. Now apply the second coat of nail polish of a different color over it. Let it dry completely and don’t hurry to remove the tapes stripes; else you’ll spoil everything. When it’s dry completely, remove the tapes carefully. Tada!!! Patterns are there on your beautiful nails.

Paper Cuttings:

Tape stripes can give you patterns with straight lines but if you are planning few curves then this trick can help you. Just cut out the paper in desired shape. Place it over the dried base coat. Apply the second coat, let it dry and then remove the paper carefully. You can use anything else other than paper if you want.

Making The Nail Stickers:

Nails Gone Bling Nail Sticker art

If you want to make some designs with some good creativity, then grab a stiff polythene cover and grab few nail paints of different colors. Make few designs over it and let them dry. Once they are dry, carefully remove them and stick over your nails. Don’t forget to apply a nice coat of nail polish before sticking this design.

Bandage For Polka Dots:

nail art dotting tool

If you are planning few cute polka dots on your nails, then have you imagined that a bandage can help you in this? Just grab one with small holes on it and cut it into a small piece as per your nail size. Apply a good nail polish first and let it dry. Prefer a cute color to make your nails look super cute. I prefer baby blue or pink. However, polka dots can make any color look cute. Now place the bandage on the nails and then paint with another color nail polish. I prefer white. Let it dry and then carefully remove the bandage. How is it?

The Sponge Style:

wise she nail art technque

This one really look so good and cute. For this you need to choose two colors of nail polish and mix the two on a plain surface such a way that one color changes to another. Now grab a sponge and dip it on the nail paint you just mixed. Dab it carefully over your nails to create such stunning nail art but don’t swipe it over nails.

Matte Glittery Nails:

china glaze nail polish

If you want such matte looking glittery nails, then all you need to do is, apply a base coat, get a glittery eye shadow of any color of your choice, and carefully dip your finger such a way that the shadow glitters stick to your nail. Make sure you apply it evenly. Remove the excess off your nails and the surroundings. Isn’t this simple yet stunning?

Have you tried any of these nail art tips and tricks?

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