Nail art tutorial – Free hand nail art design in pink and black


Was feeling really hungry today as I have kept Navratri fasts so thought of deviating myself from hunger.This is an simple nail art done with a thin brush.Used pink and black nail paints in it,I wanted the pink dots to come exact pink but sadly dots didn’t appeared to be that pink because of the black nail paint.

Still it is not a bad attempt for a beginner in nail art  like me.So here goes my step by step nail art tutorial.

Step 1– Apply a base coat on your nail and then with a thin brush apply the pink nail paint in a diagonal curve.It is a free hand nail art design so I didn’t bother to have exact diagonal on every nail.

Step3 – Now apply black on the tip .Avoid mixing of pink and black as much as possible.

Step4 – Apply pink dots on the black nail  paint after waiting for few seconds and finish it off with a transparent top coat .


Step 5 – Use aQ-tip  dipped in polish remover to take off excess polish from the skin around your nail and you are done.

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  1. u knw meli problem kya hai! 🙁 i study law… aise nails rakh ke class me jaungi sab ghoorne lag jayenge.. lolz sab black black kapde pehne wale log.. colorful nails ke sath! 😛


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