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Hello Gals,

After the amount of interest you gals generated in my nails the last time I wrote about a lip pot I seriously felt I didn’t do justice to the lip pot. :duh: Anywho, I thot I’ll do a couple of nail art posts so at least my nail art gets the satisfaction of your full attention 😛 Today I am going to show you nail art with water decals. Decal means the art of transferring an image to another surface (google says that not me). To me decal means super easy, clean and fun nail art. 😉

I will show you how these are applied and how cool they look. They come in a small pack with 20+ stickers so you can easily do your hands twice. They have instructions written on them.


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  • Step 1: Clean, trim, file your nails as usual and apply polish and it dry completely.
  • Step 2: Cut out a strip of decals that you intend to apply.
  • Step 3: Cut out each individual decal and put them in a bowl of water for 20 secs. Take out one piece at a time and the decal will easily peel off from the paper. (remember we used to get temporary tattoos as a kid that you wet in water and peel off paperback and apply on body; same like that)
nail art tutorials +nail art pictures
  • Step 4: Position the decal on your nail exactly where/how you want them. If they become a bit dry you can add a drop of water and move them around your nail.
  • Step 5: Gently pat a tissue on your nail to soak up excess water.
flower nail art sticker+flower nail art designs
  • Step 6: Top it up with a topcoat to seal it (very important step).



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My base colour was 3-4 days old so I re-freshed my mani with decals and since the tips were wearing off I put a thin line (somebody told me they are called Cuban tips :smoke: ) to hide the chipped polish 😎

And Ta-Daaaa ..I am  ready to go!! The whole decal application doesn’t take more than 10 mins.


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  1. wow super duper easy peasy.. u r toh expert in nail art kejal :inlove: dese luks so trendy n chic n glamarous…thanks for d tut :-))


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