Nail Art With Fruit/Film Sticks – Butterfly Nail Art


Hiya Beauties

How ya ‘ll doing ?I  got busy these days but still  I never leave  Wise She even if I I have to just squeeze out a minute from my schedule.

I did a quick nail art again. I am not a huge fan of non-creative attempts on nails, or perhaps in anything. Maybe ‘cos I have a dexterous hand;)  Over time I realized that quick fixes always work with nail art.For example - Kejal stamps her nails like she’s born to do so 🙂 . It may appear easy after all it is just stamping but it does involve lot of creativity.

I mean choosing the right color and the apt image is a creative art in itself. People find it very tough to even co-ordinate colors. We don’t relaise it till the time we actually sit and think of doing it.


Red nail paint nail polish+street wear red nail polish


In my buyincoins purchases I bought  few items out of curiosity. Foremost among them are the fruit/film sticks. Its been months I bought the sticks but always ignored ‘em. I never entertained the thought of slicing a thin piece and using glue to stick it on nail 😛 . But I have grown up now :D. Don’t we all ? This nail art is a result of the paradigm shift I experienced .

It’s a 3 step process.

Use a red color of your choice and give your desired coats and sponge some yellow on the nail tips. I used acrylic color. Always use a base coat. Protects your nail.


butterfly nail art+nail art paint +street wear nail colour


Cut a very thin slice of the film stick. Make sure you get a even cut. Or it wouldn’t sit well on nail.
Stick it on the nail. Use nail glue or clear polish to make it sit.

nail art brush+nail art brushes


Yellow was looking too strong so I mellowed it down with few stripes. You can get imaginative and use dots too.

Butterfly nail art +butterfly nail art tutorial


Give clear coat polish. Done ! 🙂


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