Simple Nail Art With Nail Accessory


I got these 3D Designs Nail Sticker from New U Inorbit Maill Hyderabad.They cost just Rs25 :D:D and I loved using them  and this is how I did my nail art design with nail accessory today.It is very simple and hardly take five minutes.

To start with it I applied Lakme true wear nail color 249 on my nails.Before applying the nail paint  I applied transparent coat underneath the nail paint to protect the nails.

Nail Art Accessories in India



Nail Art With Nail Art Accessory

These stickers are fun to use and have glue attached to it so I just had to take out every single nail sticker out of the packaging with the help of a pair of tweezers.Gently press down the selected design and the dry polished nail and apply top coat to seal the design.

3D Design Nail Stickers

and I am done.


Nail Art Design Nail Accessory







Simple Nail Art Designs




French Nail Art with Nail Accessory

It is so good to see these things in India also now.I just loved using them andthey don’t com out easily once I stick them on my nails.:dance::dance:


Have you tried 3D Design Nail Stickers.??

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  1. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :inlove: :inlove: This was the one you were talking about! It looks so so pretty 😀 😀 And at this price, it is a steal!

  2. Beautiful! I got some too! I’m gonna do a video tutorial on it this week! It’s a life saver for people like me who dont know a thing about nail art!


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