Nail Designs – Love Inspired Nail Art On Valentine’s Day


By prerana
Nail Art -It is the season of Love, and it is simply just not possible that a girl don’t try out a Love inspired nail art, so I too tried out a simple design. Although this design needs good precision but if you are dedicated, you can do any thing in this world, is what I believe….So let me show the steps, how I did this nail art.

Nail Art Design

Step  1. Apply a transparent base coat first.

Step 2. Apply sky blue nail paint on all 4 fingers and on the thumb apply it 1/3rd, to give a lake effect for the swans in love.

Step3. Now with the help of zero size brush, take white nail paint and put 3 dots on your thumb as shown below.

Nail Art Design in white and blue

STEP 4. Now comes a slight difficult step, with the help of these 3 dots draw two swans. With the top dot draw heads of 2 swans, with middle dot, draw their middle body and with last dot, draw their base. Remember the base of swans should come above blue nail paint so that it gives an effect swans are swimming.

Nail Art Design Pictures

Step 5. Now do minute detailing. With the help of black nail paint and zero size brush put 2 dots to make eyes, beaks, wings and an outline of their base.

simple nail art design in blue

Step 6. Now on your 1st and last (small) finger put 3 yellow dots as shown in the pic below.

Indian nail art designs

Step7 -Now following those dots, draw two opposite fishes kissing each other. It is simple draw 2 circles following the dots, one small circle and one big circle and make the ends pointed to make Tail and lips of fish.

Nail Art Designs

Step 8. With red nail paint draw eyes of fishes.

fish nail art design

Step9-In the middle finger and ring finger draw two little hearts with the same red nail paints and write L O in middle finger and V E in ring finger to make Love.

love naila art

Step 10. If you prefer apply top coat and you are done…

Nail Art Pictures

How do you feel about this nail art? Is your creative mind too making any nail art this season of Love?  :heart: :heart:

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  1. O WOW, those swans are the best. 🙂 me too wanna try it asap, bt huh… i had to cut my nails short… 🙁 so may be i wd hv to wait for sm more days. anyway, happy kiss day to all! 😉


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