Nail paint remover – Revlon extra fast nail enamel remover (Product review)

I have always been using Lakme nail remover or Colorbar nail polish remover but as I have started doing NAIL ART quiet frequently I thought of buying Revlon nail remover this time.
This is an improved version of nail remover which claims to quickly remove nail polish and protect nails too.

Cost of Revlon extra fast nail enamel remover is Rs115 for Rs 30ml

Key ingredients – Acetone and Fragrance
My experience with the product –
This nail enamel doesn’t leave any whitish  residue after removing nail paint from my nail.It doesn’t dry my nails and removes polish easily unlike my previous nail polish removers.
Though as far as nail protection is concerned I have almost completed the bottle but I don’t see any protection as such.It certainly won’t help in preventing your nails from breaking .
All in all it is a nice product in terms of nail polish  remover is concerned.Much better than my previous nail remover which I have been using.
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