Nail polish remover – Lakme Spa Line Polish Off Nail Color Remover Oil review and pictures


I need at least 2 nail polish removers every month and when I saw this product I got impressed with it because of its Acetone free formula

This is basically an oil which soothes and hydrates nails and prevents nail from drying.It has sweet almond oil (ohh!!1 gosh no wonder it has to be good) which easily removes nail polish.

Price of Lakme spa line Polish off nail color remover oil is Rs  115

 After using this I don’t get dry cuticles this, I guess, is because it has sweet almond oil in it which keeps them moisturized.
Because of its Acetone free formula my nails don’t break out 🙂

I do a lot many experiments with my nail paints and therefore with shimmer, and 3-4 coats of nail polish, it becomes a little difficult to remove the nail polish but Lakme nail polish remover or I should say nail cleansing oil removes all the nail paint without much of effort.

See I wanted to remove this nail paint which has 3-4 coats of other nail paints and some shimmer at its tip.

I just soaked cotton in the nail polish remover and swiped it twice and my nail paint is gone and it has added some shine to my nails also. Though this shine is probably due to their oil and therefore I have to wash my hands properly after using it .

My  experience – I eeeeliikkkeee it

Wise She Rating – 4/5



  1. You know I have been wanting to buy this for a long long time now…never came across it..Do you suggest I should ask in a Lakme Salon?

  2. no from health and glow centers of Hyderabad..

    it is such a nice product i don know why it is not readily available ..

    same is with color bombs..Lakme should buck up

  3. ohh sorry here every one's calls badminton as badi..We have saina who is an famous quiet famous here .so every body is into lot of sports which i completely love nowadays.


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