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Hi All!

Today I’d be reviewing a nail paint remover from the house of Reliance. I normally don’t indulge in expensive nail paint remover (cause I’m not much of a ‘paint my nails’ person ) but I do prefer the nail paint removers to be acetone free atleast. So without wasting much time, I’l jump to the review now..

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nail trend nail polish remover review+ nail trend

  • Claims : Nail color remover with Vitamin E, acetone free.
  • Quantity : 30ml
  • Shelf life : 24months
  • Price : INR 30/-
  • Availability : All Reliance fresh outlets

nail trend nail polish remover review+ nail polish remover

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Now this bottle caught my eyes when I was out for grocery shopping.  Without any further thinking I grabbed this and put it in my cart. The bottle resembles Lakme’s nail paint remover. The bottle is of glass, and the cap is really sturdy with this lid properly fitted into its wide mouth. You don’t need to remove lid to use the remover, instead there’s already a hole in the lid, and the cap has a small pointed projection that fits in that hole when you shut the cap. So in a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about removing or piercing the lid, or spilling of the remover.

nail trend nail polish remover review+ nail paint remover

Here is a little test that I did for you all… I have lotus herbals Crimson red nail paint (spare the chipped n.p but I waited so long to click this picture :giggle: ) on my left finger I have use a normal local nail paint remover, and on the right finger, I’v used  nail trend nail paint removers.

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nail trend nail polish remover review+ nail polish remover review

I’v not used any branded or higher version of nail paint removers, but I can definitely feel a change after using this remover. It removes the nail enamels effectively and doesn’t dries out your nails like most of the removers do. Moreover, since this was a red nail paint, my left finger nail got a yellow tint even after removing the nail paint thoroughly, whereas the right finger nail was completely fine, no dryness, no redness/yellowness.

I’d say overall this is a very mild and gentle nail paint remover, and while I haven’t used any other brand’s remover (no not even LAKME’s ) I can’t compare it to those. For me it’s a yes, as it doesn’t dries out the cuticles or nails, and cleans the nails effectively without letting the nail paint stain your nails.

Have you tried Nail Trend products? FIY, they also have nail paints, for Rs.18/- (yea you heard it right..) and I absolutely adore them for their quality, sometimes they even survive more than 10 days :yes: IF you haven’t checked out these, or have ignored while in Reliance fresh, then you must surely pick one and try.

Have a good day ! Godbless !! :-*

 Have you tried this Nail Trend Nail Polish Remover?

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  1. Hey upasana,nice review.
    I am using this Remover n me too dont go fr much costly removers…i use either one or the Cololife wala, wch is also of Rs 30, in Urbantouch. :hug-makeup:

  2. Nice review Upsiii :yes: The bottle looks exactly like Health&Glow remover. Am curious bout the realiance nail paints. Do review them too 🙂

  3. Gud one Upsi,,,
    I bought Tip & Toes NP remover just for Rs 40 …frm local store…
    it is same as this one in looks 😀
    i love the fragnance lol…
    bt it make my nail dry… nd leaves a white patches on nail…

  4. I bought NewU wala np remover .. and i got white residue behind .. I am gonna try this next time, and np for 18/- ??? me going to loot !!!!! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

    • kej i dnt knw bout brands wale n.p removers but i havent seen ing.list on n.p removers atlst 🙁 so evn i cant say if its actually acetone free or nt :-/ butt.ttttt… its not dryin like d local one;s 🙂

  5. i have seen this brand couple of time .. bt never picked nything.. its gud is it doesnt dry out cuticles.. my mom got me a fragrance polish remover 1/2 ltr cane and its so so gud tht i even carried it here with me .. i dont knw the brand name bt it comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle 🙂

  6. Even I don’t buy branded ones. I prefer remover pads but I can hardly find them anywhere here! I saw them in Reliance trends but dint wanna buy them as I thought they might not be good 🙂 Nice review BTW

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