Nail Trends Of The Season


Nail Trends Of The Season

Hi Ladies!

How we love to put our best face forward everyday! For a well put together look you need to groom your nails as well. Just like makeup and fashion trends, nail paint trends also change according to seasons. You don’t have to follow all of them but only what you like. The colors change and even the shapes that you can keep your nails in. Now take a look at the latest Nail Trends Of The Season-


simple nail art deigns for short nails

After the trend of super long nails that require a lot of care, the new trend is to keep them trimmed. With short nails, you don;t have to worry about chipping. Painting them takes less time as well. Make sure that they are clean and well shaped. Painting short nails with bold colors makes them look more attractive,


colorbar pro mini nail lacquer orange blast notd

Another that has been overdone is going away- square nails! The new way to file your nails is to give them a round shape. Square nails look pretty but give your nails a new look by filing them in oval shape. They look elegant and chic.

Nail Arts

So there are some new styles for you to try. Think 3 D nail art! Play with textures, metals and stones. Splash arts are big right now and they are easy to make on your own too. Ombre nails are In. Going minimal on nails is also exciting. Black and white combo is trending. Elegant styles like strips and dots are the hottest things in the nail art circuit as of now.

French Twist


Our favorite French manicure has got a variety of makeovers. Instead of the basic look, play with colors and patterns. White tips have been replaced by all kinds of colors. Even half-moon has made way for strips, chevron and curves.


Faces Nail Polish Green Versus Matte

As much you love glossy nails, don’t forget to try the matte look this season. Invest in a few bold nail paints that have a matte texture. You can also buy a matte top coat and turn any of your nail paint into matte. You can also steam painted nails to give your digits a matte look.


colorbar pro mini nail lacquer blue web shade

Now coming to the hues that are the trendiest for your nails this season- red is here forever so you can wear it whenever you feel like. Other colors that will make you look hotter are blue, black, grey, wine. Neutrals and whites are still here for the lovers of simplicity. Jewel tones and metallic shades will give you a rockstar look. Play with bright shades when you have had too much of the deep colors.

Which of these are your favorite Nail Trends Of The Season?

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