Naomi Campbell Beauty And Makeup Advice


Naomi Campbell Beauty And Makeup Advice

Okay so Naomi Campbell is 45! Woah I never realized that someone could look this awesome at an age of 45. I am surely going to learn how she does that! I have heard that she is quite particular about her regime and when it comes to her skin and hair, she has stricter preferences. Even for her makeup and regular skin care she does not care about the world and follows it religiously.

Naomi Campbell SECRETS

Let me bring to you some of her regime which may help us attain at least some bit of the skin she has or the hair she has.

Blemish Free Skin

Her skin looks free of blemishes, always fresh and oh so pretty as she uses products like Algae Fine Powder, Algae Deep Cleanse and Marine Lotion which are definitely excerpts of seaweed. She, very much like us believes in getting the skin cleaned of impurities when she gets the deep-pore cleansing done regularly to get rid of any impurities or some specific skin problems. One thing she is very regular with it and that is definitely the secret of her shiny skin.

She does skipping to keep her body toned and to maintain her face contours. Can you beat that! I start panting at 25 counts and a lady of 45 years of age does skipping daily! I better get back to my stamina. She also does a lot of yoga and Pilates. And she doesn’t do weight training at all! Wow this is unbelievable.


She also detoxes herself with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for her wonderful curves.

Effortless Beauty

Her effortless beauty is also improved upon by the selective makeup she uses. She uses a warm-toned concealer to take away all signs of fatigue and to give her face an adequate lift. She also uses a highlighter like Tom Ford Illuminating Highlighting Pen in Liquid Bronze on the inside corners of her eyes, where she uses just a dot of the highlighter. Naomi also uses cream highlighter on her cheeks to give them an appeal. Her nose and Cupid’s bow are also laced with this cream highlighter for that perfect glowing look.

She is also very particular with her manicure and pedicure. She gets them done on a weekly basis. Also she maintains her skin with serums and moisturizers. For her body, she also drinks a lot of water and she avoids sugar totally. Now I agree everything comes at a cost. Leaving sugar completely is the cost to pay for a beautifully toned body. She also uses under-eye cream which proves that she is only as human as we are and she also faces this problem, like we do.


Juice Detox

One thing that forms part of her regime is to have a juice twice in a week just to ensure blood purification, cleanliness and to restore the skin’s balance. I am sure many of us would agree to this that fruit juices are definitely required to detoxify skin impurities. But for those who did not know, you have a living example.

For her overall body and hair, she uses a strict pattern to monitor what all she eats. She tries to keep a balance in her diet and everything. Isn’t it a pretty normal thing to do while it’s a common myth that celebrities have tantrums in anything and everything? I am sure we can all afford to skip a rope daily or to drink a lot of water and avoid sugar. I am sure I am going to do this now.

Which super model’s style do you like most?

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