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Now when we still don’t have NARS blushes available in India and have to depend upon foreign friends or online shopping sites for them one has to depend upon online swatches.When I was making a choice between Nars blush Gilda and Gina I got badly confused and order both of them as Zee also wanted to try atleast one of it.

Moreover Zee carries sheer tone peachy blushes quite beautifully unlike me  therefore I was kind of sure about out purchase.

Each Blush costed INR 1500 and is available on $30)

About NARS Gilda Blush :-

Gilda is a matte coral orange blush which has rosy pink tones in it which goes beautifully well on a tanned skin .Blush will suit medium skin tone girl who are between NC 40- NC 50.

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NARS-peach-blush-gilda-reviews+Nars blush gilda +NARS Gilda Vs Gina Blush

Swatches of Nars Gilda Blush:-

Both Gilda and Gina are highly pigmented and one will not have any problem of not showing them on their skin but Gilda is a blush for more warm skin tones where as Gina for lighter blue skin tone.

NARS-Gilda-swatch+nars gilda swatches+Nars gilda

NARS Gina Blush:-

Gina doesn’t have complete matte finish.It is tad bit shimmery but no where shimmer will over power the blush infact shimmer in it  is  hardly visible and helps in giving that bright glow.On medium tanned skin tone it looks more like a apricot shade and on lighter skin tone it comes out little light peachy orange giving that healthy and wake up look.

Zee will be doing a detail review of this blush soon .

Sorry ! my pic is little hazy here  but the swatch is absolute right.

NARS Gina Blush Swatches:-

NARS-Gina-blush-swatches+Nars Gilda Vs Gina Blush

Both blush are highly pigmented , velvety and smooth in texture and goes well with olive skin tone.Gina is more on the natural side than Gilda and deeper/darker skin beauties are going to love Gilda more .I am around NC42 and on my skin Gilda is more rosy and Gina more orangish.You can check   NARS Gilda post to find out how it will look on tanned skin like mine.

So make your choice as per your skin tone and enjoy the must have beauty 🙂

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  1. what a lovely summery refreshing shade this is..A! :chic: :beauty: :inlove: :drool:

    Loved itt!!! wish v had NARS here :inlove: :sweat: :hypnotized:

  2. gilda is gr8 for everyday use and gina is perfect for a bride to be na :lipstick: lovely blushes Ana 😀 :lipstick: waiting for bhabs revieww 😀


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