Nars Mounia Blush Review, Swatches & FOTD


How man of you saw NARS Mounia blush in the pan and got scared ?Well! if you were not than I certainly was.It looks like as if it is packed with lot of red berries inside and will make one look nothing less than burnt .

But on the contrary this blush is actually very beautiful only thing is one has to keep few things in mind while using it .


  • Price – $28

Nars mounia blush reviews+buy nars mounia blush


  • Packaging - I completely detest Nars outer rubber covering .No matter how hard I try it gets filthy because of its tendency of attracting lot of dirt.It looks great inside with its inbuilt mirror but outer covering picture below just spoils my mood.
  • Pigmentation – This blush is reallllllly pigmented and one has to be really careful while using it, otherwise you might end up looking like a clown.To apply this blush I first pat a bit of it at the back of my hand and then use a kabuki brush to apply it.Thankfully there is not much of fall out with this blush but you need to be cautious while applying it.


Nars mounia blush+mounia blush nars +nars reviews mounia


  • Staying power – It stays for six hours on me and then starts fading away giving my cheeks natural berry flush.


Nars Mounia blush Swatch:-

It’s a raspberry shade with hint of red and brown and golden shimmer  albeit I don’t see anything coral in it which NARS claims it to be.


Nars mounia blush swatches+nars mounia blush red brownish



and this is how it looks after blending:-


Mounia blush swatches+shimmery reddish brownish coral blush


and this is how it looks on me


Nars mounis blush fotd+nars mounia blush reviews


What I like about NARS Mounia Blush :-

  • Highly pigmented and easy to blend
  • Looks fab on warm skin tone especially Indian olive skin tone.
  • Smooth in texture with long staying power.


What I do not like about NARS Mounia Blush :-

  • It’s expensive
  • Not available in INDIA therefore one is always doubtful whether it will suit them or not.


Will I recommend it to others – It’s an awesome shade, just that one needs to be careful while using it .It’s a blush which will suit medium to dark skin tone beautifully.

Have you tried NARS Mounia BLUSH ?


Wise She Rating – 4/5

  • Pigmentation-5/5
  • Staying power – 5/5
  • Blending-4/5
  • Availability– 4/5

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  1. Man! First pic got me thinking its a dangerous shade..but it’s actually so pretty..a very unique shade na? Not one ud see in any other brand..

    • i my self don remember now as its been quite a while and i got it done in a saloon.i hope i manage to get this color next time .

  2. Actually dekhne jaao toh 28 usd is abt 1500 bucks .. Mac ka. Bhi limited edition ka bhi itna hi hota hain!! So good deal na? Twisted finances but anything for nice stuff!!!

  3. Zee chal shopping saatg chalte hain .. We can go to dilli ..6 months ho gaye dilli nai gayi … N we can go in time for sephora to open lol

  4. Im nt too much of a blush gal .. Its a new live affair rite now! I love my eye makeup but coz of the allergy i had ny blushes were getting a lot of love to prevent me from looking dead!

  5. It was looking very dark even in the swatches but after applying, its looking fab on you Ana :inlove: .Now I want Nars also,tell me na where in India its available 😉

  6. Ana, dearie .. Why do u think i said delhi ?? For u ofcorse ,, and i wud love to hild anvika! I believe its getting cold na .. My cousin waa telling me ..

  7. Zee it wasnt an allergy per se but i wore lenses for too long one day and then it hurt and irubbed my eyes nt realizing my nail was breaking and i scratched myself below the waterline ..


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