Nars Orgasm Vs MAC Springsheen Blush


Nars Orgasm Vs MAC Springsheen Blush


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Who doesn’t like dupes?  In the makeup world when some products are out of reach and a duplicate can be purchased to deliver similar results…it feels awesome.  This is kinda similar…Can you recollect the time that we did a post on dupes of nars orgasm?  There was one blush which was missing and that was MAC Spring Sheen.  I actually bought this blush to check how close the shade is in comparision to nars orgasm .


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  • MAC springs heen costs – INR 1380

  • Nars orgasm costs – INR 1800 in India


mac springsheen blush vs nars orgasm

I have arranged the blushes from the top to bottom in the following order.  First you see Sleek rose gold, above MAC spring sheen and below Nars orgasm

sleek old rose blush dupe of nars orgasm


As you can see Spring sheen is a little darker than Nars orgasm and as Orgasm is tad bitter lighter for me it would have been a better choice.
The only similarity that Nars orgasm shares with MAC spring sheen is the fine golden shimmer.  Everything else differs.
MAC spring sheen is a coral peach shade where as Nars orgasm is a  coral pink shade with golden shimmer.

Swatches of sleek Rose Gold, MAC Springsheen & Nars orgasm from left to right

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mac springsheen +mac nars orgasm+sleek rose gold


Sleek rose gold is a much better dupe of nars orgasm which is more pigmented but unfortunately the glitter is not all that fine.  I’ve heard that MACs peachy keen is a dupe of Nars too so it’s time to do some shopping again 😉

mac nars orgasm dupe mac springsheen blush


Have you tried Nars Orgasm Or MAC Springsheen Blush?


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  1. Springsheen 😛 😛 It refuses to get out of my now 😛 Am waiting for my shopping ban ka end now..
    please review peachykeen also.. I guess that will gimme a better idea..


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