NARS Stud Hardwired Eye Shadow Review & Swatches


NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow Review

I am a hardcore NARS fan but these days keep myself away from buying new makeup and usually believe in SHOP YOUR OWN STASH and that is how I came across this shadow while I was going through my collection last week and as I saw its still available online I immediately sat down and was excited to share it with you .

NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow Review

Price- 2.2 Gm for $ 26 plus tax, Available exclusively at

My Overall Experience with NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow

Shade- NARS STUD Hardwired eye shadow is described as Soft Pewter Bronze, in simple words it is complex warm toned taupe shade which is highly metallic and mostly used on lids to give that full on glam look. The color is very glamorous and complex and is so good looking in pan and on eyes it takes your look to another level.

NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow shade

Pigmentation- You can clearly see from the swatches that it is a shadow with deep pigments. I prefer to use this with fingers. Mostly I prefer a HALO LOOK. I will add the reference pic in my future post.

Texture & Finish- This is from their HARDWIRED range which is dense and power packed with pigments and hence one of the most famous launches last year and am so glad I picked this color , the finish is highly metallic and looks stunning , it is not chunky or frosty and the powder is finally milled and lends a nice glow .

NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow Review

Staying power- The shadows stays nicely with good base underneath on my oily lids for 7-8 hours. There is no fading or creasing, the formula is absolutely foolproof.

Availability- NARS is easily available at stores like Sephora, Nordstrom and other sellers but they have some exclusive shades which they keep it to their site and this is one of them, I bought this directly from their site.

NARS Stud Hardwired Eyeshadow Swatch

What I like about NARS Stud Hardwired Eye Shadow?

  • The shade is stunning in pan and even more wonderful on eyes.
  • The texture is fine and isn’t powdery at all.
  • The staying power is great.
  • The shadow doesn’t crease or fade.
  • The small handy packaging is another plus.

What I don’t like about NARS Stud Hardwired Eye Shadow?

  • It is not available at SEPHORA and that’s the only con, I picked mine from their site directly and it’s still available there.

Rating- 5/5

My Overall recommendation- This shade is only available at NARS website and they have some exclusive shades, I do buy them once a year during their sale and they are totally worth it and this is one of them, am already eying their this year’s LE highlighter like I said which I will try and pick during their Black Friday sale next month.

Have you tried NARS Stud Hardwired Eye Shadow before?



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