Oops! Its Nars Blush Marathon Again


Nars Blushes

Altight!  Ready ?

I finally have another three Nars blushes in my stash and I don’t know what took me so darn long anyways :|.The day I received them I placed all of these magical beauties on my bed and kept swatching till my mom started scolding me :D.Also,I have got some of the dupes also of these fabulous blushes so stay tuned for lot of Nars here 🙂


Below are the few of the Nars Blushes which we have reviewed previously

NARS Torrid Blush ( $28)


NARS BLUSH Torrid review and swatches+nARS BLUSH TORRID, Nars blush torrid swatch


Swatches of Nars Torrid:-

This shade is more intense than orgasm and is described as coral with shimmer .It gives that  healthy soft and sheer look.


NARS BLUSH Torrid review and swatches+nARS BLUSH TORRID, Nars blush torrid swatch


Nars Mounia – ($28)


Nars Mounia blush+Nars Mounia blush+ Nars mounia, swatch,


 Nars Mounia Blush Swatches:-

A beautiful wine shade with shimmer for all the dusky beauties .It gives a reddish flush and needs lot of control like the Nars Tajmahal.



Nars Mounia blush+Nars mounia, swatch,


Nars Albatross/Orgasm Duo:-

  • Price  – $41



Nars Albatross Nars Orgasm


Swatches Of  Nars Albatross/Orgasm:-

Nars Orgasm  is a  peachy pink with shimmer  where as NARS Albatross  is a vanilla colour highlighter.I am not sure how this will come out on my NC 42 skin tone.Hoping it suits me like other of the Nars Blushes 🙂


Nars albatross  orgasm swatches+Narsorgsam swatches+Nars Albatross swatches



Which Nars Blush would you like me to review first ?


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  1. o God all are tempting !!! :inlove: beautiessss :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: i didn’t like albatross and orgasm :giggle: baki sab ati-sundar :lipstick:

  2. oops u did it again!!!! :inlove: :inlove: This is torture Ana! Such biyoooootiful shades so near yet so faaar away :struggle:

    • Hi Eesha..i will do the mounia soon..:)

      and i am doing pretty ok and baby is fine too..how r u doing ?

      i hope u know abt the new baby blog which we recent introduced



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