Natural and easy remedies to grow and thicken eyelashes


Like our hair our eye lashed too go through the constant phase of growth and re growth. Due to ignorance and harsh environment our eye lashes become thinner and shorted over time.



How home remedies works with eyelashes:-

A home remedy detoxifies the eyes lashes follicles and unclogs the hair follicles by daily cleansing and maintenance. Ingredients which are easily available at home provide nourishment to rejuvenate the eyelashes.

Let us check out some of the home remedies which helps in increasing the growth rate of eye lashes:-

1. Two popular oils which have been readily used for eye lash growth are olive oil and castor oil. Both the oil unclogs the pores and pulls out the impurities. You only have to brush a small amount of castor oil on your eye lashes every night before you go to sleep and wash it off in the morning. Oil is quite mild and therefore can be used daily on your eyelashes.

2. By massaging your eyelashes with Vaseline every night helps in making them thick and long.

3. Applying sweet almond oil also helps in growing the eyelashes. Also, If you are suffering from dandruff then it should be cured immediately as when it falls on eye lashes it can be prove harmful for them.

4. Also, if you are into eye makeup and wear contact lenses then apply mascara to the eye lashes first and then wear the contact lenses.

5. If you add lemon peel into the olive or castor oil it will be more effective. Just cut a lemon with a sharp knife and dry it out from a day under the sun. Put it in the olive oil or castor oil for a week and let the lemon peel’s essence and nutrients penetrates into the oil. Applying this gives better result.

6. Increase protein intake in your diet. This will not only help you in growing eye lashes but eyebrows too. Increase in protein will fasten up the hair growth too.

7. Use aloevera gel on your eye lashes. Make sure it is of pure quality. Using aloevera on your hair or eye lashes helps in growing them longer and thicker.

P.S:All the above ingredients are quite safe and have been tested by me on my eyelashes but it might not suit you .You can be allergic to some oil or gel so please do a small test patch before using them religiously.


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  1. I have really thick hair on my head but have almost bald eyes!I will surely try this but I have heard vaseline doesn't work! When are changes noticeable?

  2. Hi Humaira,I will suggest you use oil ..Vaseline works for few..It is a slow process and you will see the difference with in 2-3 you have to be patient with it but it is worth…:)


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