Natural Clay Face Mask


Natural Clay Face Mask

Nature has been generous enough to bestow upon us some of the rare ingredients. And these are enough on their own to deliver the best possible results with regards to beauty and health. It has also been a source of speculation as to how these naturally occurring substances are so great for the skin. As it takes a lot of time and chemicals to make a single product effective for the skin.

Importance of face masks

There are still many hidden treasures in Nature which human still need to discover!

We have heard from our mothers and grand mothers as they mainly relied on the naturally occurring beauty ingredients. And other kitchen supplies more than any cosmetics because during their time. The cosmetic industry was surely there but most people believed in everything natural for their beauty needs.

Kaolin Clay

This is the most common type of natural clay that we are generally aware of as it is an active ingredient in most of the clay face packs. This clay comes in white, light pink and yellow colors. The white one is very popular in face packs we get in the stores. These are natural clay which are great for the usual cleansing, exfoliating properties. And without any specific course of action on the skin like absorbing excess oil or removing toxic impurities from the skin.

kaolin powder

Kaolin as we are already aware is present in the popular lotion for oily acne prone skin which is Lacto Calamine/ Calamine Lotion.

You can make Kaolin Face Mask by using kaolin and yoghurt to keep the skin squeaky clean. It also reveals a brighter glow to the dull skin due to the excess humidity and sun exposure. This clay mask is widely popular for body polishing and other body wrap treatments.

how to make haldi face packs

Bentonite Clay

Another raved clay type found naturally is Bentonite. We know how much Egyptian Beauties were fond of clay from the Nile river. It was an essential part of their beauty regime. The bentonite clay is derived from Death Valley, California, where it is sun- dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees.

Bentonite clay is known to absorb chemicals, impurities effectively. Bentonite clay has some very beneficial minerals like magnesium, silica, and calcium. The usage may depend on your skin type as it is known to be a little drying so oily & combination skin types are going to get maximum benefits by using this type of clay.

bentonite clay face mask

Bentonite clay when mixed with with healing and antibacterial ingredients like honey, yoghurt, milk etc. creates a mask that is very effective for maintaining healthy skin.

It is easily available on Amazon and is popularized as the world’s best and powerful facial with deep cleansing properties.

Red Moroccan Clay

This is a lesser known clay type in the Indian context. It is way stronger and more oil absorbing than kaolin clay. This type of clay is best suitable for normal or oily skin types. You can find this type of clay in many high end international brands as it is relatively difficult to obtain.

French Green & Sea Clay

Green clays are very effective on the skin ans act as astringents. This type of clay is more suitable for oily skin which is acne prone. The presence of beneficial minerals in this type of clay is what makes it very popular to be used for the rejuvenation of the skin.

The Nature's Co Green Clay Wrap

One can easily combine these clay type with useful ingredients to make effective face masks for different skin types for targeted action on the skin.

Well, if you are visiting abroad you may look out to try few of these naturally occurring real treasures of Nature.

Have you tried these Natural Clay Face Masks before?

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