How to Make SunniPindi (Body Wash)


SunniPindi is a famous homemade beauty recipe which one hear from many ladies down south.I have received few mails from girls who are going to get married and want to know the right recipe of this.I personally didn’t use this during my wedding what I used was homemade ubtan but I think this recipe is going to be more effective than the ubtan especially if you have little time in your hand and you want to be silky smooth :D:D

Whole Body Ubtan

Although it is famous but you won’t get this powder in the market I wish a herbal powder like this would have been available here  :(.It would have saved so much time of today’s busy woman .

Alright, Lets get into our soap powder making.

Powder helps in giving freshness to the body, removes tan and lighten complexion .It is useful for babies as well which I will let you know later.

Ingredients required:-

  • Vetiver  Grass (This is a famous grass which you can ask in plant nursery. In Hindi it is called as Khas).This grass is used in aerometheraphy as well as it gives calming effect.You will need a bunch of this grass
  • Moong dal-Mung bean (Hindi: मूँग), also known as green bean, mung, mongo, moong, moog dal (in Bengali), mash bean, munggo or monggo, green gram, golden gram, and green soy, is the seed of Vigna radiata which is native to Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The split bean is known as moong dal,Pesara [ (Telugu), which is green with the husk, and yellow when dehusked. The beans are small, ovoid in shape, and green in color. The English word “mung” derives from the Hindi moong.(from wikipedia)(You will need around 1/2kg of this pulses depending upon the requirement )
  • Kasturi Turmeric – (100-150 gms)-
  • Camphor – 1 teaspoons
  • Spikedd giger – 50 gramsSpiked Ginger Lily Hindi: Sandharlika संधार्लिका , Kapur kachri कपूर कचरी Manipuri: তখেল্লৈ Takhellei Nepali: सेतो सरो Seto saro(wikipedia)
  • 6.Babchi Seeds -100gramsBengali  : BARACHI, Gujarati  : BABCHI, BAVACHA, Hindi  : BABACHI, BABCHI,Marathi  : BAVACHYA, BABCHI, Sanskrit  : AINDAVI, ASITATVACHA, Sinhalese  : BODITamil  : KARPOKARISHITelugu  : BHAVANJI)
  • Rice 70-100 gms

I know few  ingredients are not easy to find but if you take help of your mom or some elderly person  at home they might be able to help you out .It does take time in preparing it but once done you can keep the powder with you for a year.

Method to prepare the body wash:-

Dry all the ingredients for a day under the sun and then grind them into a fine powder.Store the mixture in an air tight container.You can store it in cool dry place for a year easily.

How to use SunniPindi

You can mix the powder with little water.Make a paste of it and allow it to be on your skin for five minutes.Wash it off with water.Just use it like a face pack.

Green gram pules helps in giving smooth skin where are turmeric has antiseptic properties and it removes unwanted hair and clear out the skin.Camphor in the powder soothes the skin and helps the powder from developing any kind of insects.

My neighbour use this pack on her 2 year old kid she says it keeps the skin of the baby smooth and her hair growth reduces down.Although I would recommend you to do a test patch before using this pack on your baby and do consult a doctor.

I hope it helps you Sandhya 🙂 and Meenakshi .Best of luck for your marriage 🙂

P.S =If you know the places where these things can be bought in your respective state then do comment and give the address.It will help out many out here:)

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  1. Nice tip Anamika 😀 Here in TN they have loads of what we call “naatu marundhu” shops. There is one in almost every area at least in Chennai and one in each city for sure. Not sure abt spiked ginger and babchi seeds but I am sure they’ll have it. Vetiver is very famous here. It has a very overpowering smell.

  2. ana the post is by you … ??? :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    okay in jaipur you guys can buy all the listed items easily in johri bazar … there are aatar shops in the staring of the lane 😀
    hope this helps jaiupr gals …. 😀 😀

    in hyderabad you can get all these things in begum bazar ….

    in bangalore they can be easily available in chikpate

    in mumbai i would say kurla are …. am not sure but yeah they do have some shops which sells stuff like this

    hope this helps :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • thanks Rashmi 🙂 yup the post is by me :D:D ..:) and courtesy my neighbor who helped in giving me the right quantity 🙂

  3. Anamika, Soonni pinddi is so famous here in A.P. Long back when I was a kid I used to see an ad of Ashwini Soonni Pindi, now a days don’t see that ad.

    Yeah all the ingredients that you mentioned have to be searched in Ayurvedic shops in Hyd :yes:

    Your Neighbor is such a nice lady :-))

    Awesome Research :-))

  4. nice post , i am happy to hear that people are into herbal things.
    I used to add vetiver grass(they look more like dried roots than grass)
    Babchi Seeds etc…

    Anyways you can also add

    Cyperus Rotundus (Korai in Tmil, Bara-nagar-motha/Korehi-jhar in Hindi,
    tunga-muste in Telugu)

    sandlawood along with Turmeric(not the kitchen one, its completely different

    dried lemon/orange peels

    sun dries rose petals
    also i heard some people adding some kind of nuts(look like pine nuts
    usually added to Badam milk or something)

    you can get all of them at herbal stores
    sorry there are othere ingredients
    which i forgot /may be don’t know what they are called in Hindi/English,
    once i find them i’ll get back to you

  5. Hello Anamika,
    Nice post. Its the famous herbal powder from Andhra and its a must for all occasion here. We use for our daughter and here is how we prepare in our house
    My granny prefers black mung dal (whole), turmeric, rice, little quantity of methi seeds, that is it…..sun dry for a day and grind it into fine powder. Trust me….my daughter skin is so smooth and chemical free…..sometimes i also pludge on it instead of cleanser!!
    it gives great result to…….No wonder old lady recipe is great.

    • thanks Dhanu .. i am surely going to try it on mu daughter..i don add camphor in how long the powder stay?

  6. Whew…hw old is your daughter??? we dont use camphor in it because of the strong fragrance and am worried if it will harm my baby’s skin. My inlaws also did not mention about the camphor usage in it. At one shot we grind around 2 – 3 kgs, which easily comes for 2 – 3 months and sometimes more. Just store them in dry plastic dabbas with some curry or neem leaves beneath it… stays for 4 months easily and make sure no water is added to it. My Mil says black whole moong dal gives gud result than the green one. So, i suggest you try that for the baby…

  7. Trust me Anamika, you will have no time to breath if u hv twins and no blogging at that time. My one little angle takes a way all my time giving no room for even phone calls at times….

  8. Nice question indeed….but i doubt if i can answer this!! a typical south indian family u know…
    but infants, i suppose until age of 2 and 2+ will feel comfortable with mothers than father. If my baby, hubby and I are going out….trust me…even though my husband wants to hold her….she wont go to him but want to hang on with me always!!!

  9. No no..u shud plan to have kid., i dint plan to scare you … its so wonderful and u feel treasured when kids want to just come back to you only though there are N number of ppl around her. Its a great feeling all together actually!! i”m loving it up!!

  10. Thank u so much Prachi..nanna i don think so u can use the seeds…it is a hard working job but u got to search for the grass::D:D

    • hi prachi you can buy it at the ayurvedic shops(Pachari shops) or aromatherapy stores.
      And the grass looks and smell like hay
      (remember the dry grass pads in coolers).
      And if you are are going to use it,
      then before making it in to a powder,
      I suggest you to sun dry it for 2 days,
      then cut it in to small pieces before putting it in to a mixer,
      otherwise it will be difficult to get a fine powder.

      • oh that is a great tip..i think i should upload some pics too of the particular thing ..this will make things much easier..isn’t?

  11. LOvely write up Ana..This is the first time I am hearing the name – Sunnipindi…but when I read the ingredients list, found it quite familiar…this is something common down south..maybe its known by different names no??

    Here are some places I think you will be able to find ingredients in some cities I know

    Mumbai – Matunga market, near the temples..There are lots of shops selling herbal stuff. You may even find some specific ingredients in shops like Giri Stores.

    Bangalore – Basavanagudi main market, Jayanagar 9th block market, Ulsoor market, Tippasandra market, etc

    Chennai – There are many many shops selling “naatu marundhu”/herbal remedies around Mylapore temple tank area and also in T nagar-main shopping area in Pondy Bazar near the flower shops.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  12. Hi anu,
    i have heard this sunnipindi for the first time & never heard about the vetivat grass, babachi seeds & spiked ginger.

    May i know some easy names of these ingredients and where are these items available in Chandigarh?

  13. Hi anamika,

    I heard about this sunnipindi from my cousin who lives in hyderabad. Looks like sunnipindi is available in stores in hyderabad. does this help in improving the complexion? I have a mixed complexion like my hands are too dark and i have a very good complexion on my face.. i really want to try it on my hands. Thanks for the post 🙂

  14. Hi,

    I am in Bangalore and my kid is of one month old and for she we are searching for SUNNI PINDI. Could you please let me know or send me the contact details where this will be avai9lable.

    I see in this blog mentioned it is available at Chikpete, Bangalore. But not know where and in which shop it is available.

    Please call me or send me the message at 9945219679


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