Natural Face Mask For Oily Skin


Natural Face Mask For Oily Skin

Do you have greasy skin that perpetually looks like it’s been kept dipped in a oil barrel? With 5 minutes of stepping out of the shower or after having your face washed your face looks as though you’ve never washed it? You have pimples and acne’s all over your face, or blackheads? Dear ladies, in that case you have you an oily skin type. This type of skin tends to release excess of natural body oil and are more prone to acne breakouts that dry or normal skin types. It is also the most irritating of skin types as in catches dirt more easily and tends to tan faster that the other skin types. So just a few minutes out in the Sun might make your face look really dark. So extra care needs to be taken while tending to this skin, so that the oil secretion can be curbed and occurrence of pimples and acne (which leave behind stubborn marks) is prevented or at least reduced.

Some natural ingredients can be used to reduce the oiliness of the skin. So why not try out a few natural homemade masks for the purpose. Here are  few which you can try:

Gram Flour, Lemon, Turmeric and Honey Mask

turmeric for skin

Take 3tbsp of gram flour, ½ tsp of turmeric, 2-3tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1tbsp of honey. Mix all the ingredients well and apply on face. The mix shouldn’t be too runny or too stiff. Let it dry on your face for around 20-25mins and then you can wash it off. Lemon helps to control the oil secretion, plus its anti-bacterial element helps reduce pimple and at the same time reduces the marks and blackheads. Honey moisturizes and maintains the PH balance of your skin keeping soft and supple. And Gram flour helps to exfoliate your skin. If you don’t experience any irritation in your skin cause of any of the ingredients then try using this regularly.

Multani Miiti/ Fuller’s Earth and Rose water Mask

multani mitti and rosewater mask

This is a wonderful mask for oily skin type as the multani mitti or fuller’s earth helps to reduce the size of the oil pores n your skin and tightens you skin, soaks in the excess oil and helps to prevent breakouts. It is also know for its soothing quality. And rose water acts as a natural astringent.

Just take 1 and ½ Tbsp of Fuller’s earth and mix it with 2-3 tbsp of Rose water. Apply it on face and leave it on for 20 minutes or till it gets to a semi dry state. Wash it off.  This pack gives you a smooth soft glowing skin.

If don’t have rose water then you can replace it with lemon juice, and if you think your face is becoming too dry after using the mask then try adding a tsp of milk/honey to it.

Tomato and Gram Flour Mask

homemade tomato face mask

Tomato is a natural astringent, it helps to reduce the pore size, hence reducing oiliness, clears the skin off pimple marks and lightens the skin tone by removing tan. Gram flour as we know helps to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells, oil and dirt.

So for this take a tomato cut it into halves and then scoop out the pulp. Mix this with 2tsps of gram flour and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes till it gets to a semi dry state and then wash it off. Use this pack at least twice a week and soon you will notice a visible change in your skin quality and texture. J

These were some of the natural face masks for oily skin you can try at home, the ingredients are either always present at home or are easily available. Hope you find them useful.

Which mask are you going to try?

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