Natural Hair Dye And Its Benefits


Natural Hair Dye And Its Benefits

Hair Color is one thing which is inevitable for people who have developed Grey Hair. It has become one of the essential beauty products for both men and women. Too concerned people apply 3-4 times in a month as well.

Other than this, for changing the color of hair and to look super trendy, girls also use artificial hair colors. In the boat of need and trend, we are ignoring the much known fact that how dangerous these chemicals are for our skin.

Everybody is aware how bad and harmful using artificial colors are on hair but I can understand how important is the need to color them when the grey hair start popping out.

Earlier it was with people who aged more than 40 but now even teenagers are facing the problem.

loreal hair color

Chemicals in Hair Dye that should be ignored in best possible way are:

  • Ammonia
  • Peroxide
  • Para-phenylenediamines (PPDs)
  • Lead
  • Toluene
  • Resorcinol
  • Coal tar

So Today, in this column we will be discussing Natural Hair Dyes, how to make them and how they are beneficial.
Here Natural means, dyes having ingredients of plant matter and natural sources.

For Red Hair : Henna

We all are aware of what Henna is, and how good it is for Hair. Why people are scared of henna is because they don’t use the right method to prepare it. It can give you the desired red color you always wished for in a very minimal price.


  • Take powdered Henna, mix it with warm water and some lemon juice and make a thick paste.
  • Cover it with lid and rest it overnight.
  • Next day, add some water and lemon juice into it and apply it properly.
  • Remember to never sit in sun rays.
  • Was it after 3-4 hours and you will see an amazing hair color.

For Dark Brown Hair: Walnuts

Half-Open Half-Tied Hair

For changing the hair color to dark brown naturally, Dip the walnuts for 3-4 days in water. Afterwards, grind it and make a paste. Apply it on hair properly and wash after 2-3 hours. Repeat for desired color.

Red Hair : Beet Juice, Carrot Juice

red hair color

Grind Beet and Carrot together. And keep it for a day in refrigerator. Wash your hair with that Juice and wear the hair cap. Wash it after 60 minutes.

One tone Lighter : Chamomile Tea

In boiling water, steep 4 tea bags for half an hour. After washing your hair by shampoo and drying it with towel, pour this colored liquid on your scalp and rinse properly. Wash it after 30-40 minutes. You can reapply to attain desired color.

Darker Colour : Black Tea

Grind 4 teabags of Black Tea and mix water to make a paste. Leave it for a day. After shampoo, dry your hair by tower and apply that paste on all your hair. Leave for 60 minutes and wash with water. For desired color, method could be repeated.

Though the color will not remain longer and you will have to repeat the procedure. But there is one surety from my side, that after years you will actually be able to see the difference between your hair and others who apply artificial dyes.
It is hard to maintain the natural dyes and we end up using the artificial ones but its up to you how importance you give to them.

Note: Plucking a grey or white hair out never solves the problem; it actually helps to grow more grey hair as after plucking a little fluid flows in the scalp which grows more grey hair in that same portion.

Have you used Natural Hair Dyes?

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