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By Prerana Sharma,   Homemade Hair Spray Recipe

My skin turns into a oil manufacturing factory in summers :DLol,..thats because my skin is extremely oily. Not even skin, my scalp is also very oily. I need to do shampoo every after 2 days nor I end up in looking chipku-chipku. Goggling through the net in order to find home made remedies and recipes I came across the wonders of ‘Lemon’ for oily skin. Lemon can not only be used in skin care but for hair care too. Before goggling also, I used to treat my hair with lemon water rinse after every shampoo wash, now I came to know about Hair spray made up of lemon, for instant shine.
How I Rinse my hair with Lemon water –
Before entering the bathroom, I prepare the lemon water. I squeeze out juice of 1 lemon and mix it with 3-4 glass of water and keep it in a mug in bathroom shelve. After washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, I use it as a final rinse. The acidic nature of lemon juice makes the hair shine and also tighten the cuticle or pores of scalp, so no hair fall for me..

Benefits of lemon in Hair Care
1. Since the Lemon is acidic in nature, it has a astringent property, it can cleanse oily skin
and scalp very well. (That’s why all of you gals like Lakme “Citrus Rain” face wash so
2. Lemon can also naturally lighten blonde hair.
3. Do you know Lemon also contain AHAs ie., alpha hydroxyl acids, the famous
exfoliator which removes dead skin cells.
4. Lemon has a component in its juice which has bleaching abilities, so it can naturally
lighten the complexion (ok, that’s why maybelline whitening compact contain Vit C)

Lets go back to original article & make hair spray

Step 1. First take 2 glasses of water in a pan(If you are doing this for first time then use 1 glass of water)

Homemade Hair Spray

Step 2 – For 2 glass of water put juice of 2 lemons in the pan. If you have dry hair, also put 3-4 drops of essential oil or even olive oil works well.Don’t throw away the lemon after squeezing, put it in the water too for boiling, ( lemon rind  contains good amount of lemon essential oil)

How To Make Hair Spray

Step 3– Allow this mixture to boil in high flame and keep boiling till the quantity reduces to half of original quantity. That is I started with 2 glasses of water and will boil the solution till it becomes 1 glass.

Home made Hair Spray Recipe

Step 4– Filter it, you will get concentrated lemon water. Allow it to cool in room temperature

Organic Hair Spray Recipe

Step 5.Pour it in a clean and dry spray bottle, usually I don’t throw away the finished cream jars, bottles and containers. I wash, sanitize, dry and store them for future purpose. You can also buy spray bottles from any medical  store or Faces spray bottle.

Spray On Hair

This is my used spray bottle of Lotus toner. I will store my concentrated lemon water in this spray bottle and use it as and when required.

This spray is to be kept in fridge and can be used for 1-2 week.

Now, How to use Hair  spray

Simple, just like any leave on conditioner. When ever u feel non shiny dull hair, just spray this on your “dry” hair till your hair becomes semi wet with this spray, then comb as usual. Allow this to air dry and u will get instant shine on your hair..

Good Luck, Have fun 🙂

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  1. Wwo! Prerana awesome tip 😀 But then I heard after we use lemon, we are not supposed to go out in the sun (same concept as after bleaching). So how do I make this work :((

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  4. Hi Anu,
    This is quite interesting but i remember reading somewhere
    that we are not supposed to go out in the sun after using
    lemon as a last rinse as it bleaches the hair. will you
    please check dear?

  5. yes, ani I also heard 4m many th we sh’dnt step out in sunlight 4 1 d coz lemon makes our hair n skin photosensitive.But the fact is lemon,aloe protects our skn n hair 4m harmful uv rays.I read this in an article pub in grafiti(weekly magajine comes with telegraph newspaper).


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