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Lately Blogger world is buzzing about Natural Intimate wash Everteen which has gain lot of recognition as its soap, SLS and SLES free. Inspite of being natural it claims to prevent unpleasant odour, itching , irritation and vaginal seems that company has done extensive research in making this product. By the way did you notice that its one of the first intimate wash I have come across in India which comes in a see through bottle .

Intimate wash reviews india

 To sum it up this is what Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Claims:-

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene. Anti-microbial properties of Everteen inhibit bacterial growth causing vaginal infection, unpleasant odour and irritation. Daily use of Everteen helps in preventing infection and gives relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area.


Intimate wash reviews


  • Price:- Rs.180 for 105 ml  and has a shelf life 24 months from the manufacturing date.It is also available in leading stores of Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow.



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My experience with Natural Intimate Wash :-

I have two bottles with me so I gave one to my baby nanny as well who keep suffering from urinal infection.Once she got treated for it again she used this continuously and its been two months she has not got back the urinal infection again. Ofcourse with this she is more aware also and take care of the personnel hygiene as well.

Product has a gel consistency and is of yellowish colour. It’s soothing and definitely will help those who experience irritation or itching .It gives a squeaky clean feeling  and is helpful during the chums/periods .What is the best thing about the product is that it has mostly natural ingredients so you are not much worried about lot of chemicals entering into your body.

It has kind of a mild herbal fragrance which is not long lasting and is quite mild for all skin and maintain pH balance
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What I like about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash :-

  1. Composed of Natural ingredients,
  2. Presense of aloevera which soothes the intimate areas
  3. Chemical free
  4. One can use it on daily basis.
  5. Affordable
  6. Travel friendly packaging
  7. Easily avaiable on most online shopping sites
  8. Can be used by women of all ages
  9. Good to be used by those who keep suffering from UT.
  10. One bottle lasts long time as one just needs a tiny of the product for one wash.
  11. Free from SLS & SLES and maintains pH balance.


What I do not like about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash :-

1) There is nothing about the product which i don’t like

Will I recommend it to others – Definitey!infact i ordered another bottle a week back.

 Have you tried Natural Intimate Wash India?

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