Natural Remedies To Prevent Wrinkles


Post by Nancy

Wrinkles are every woman’s nightmare. They not only affect your beautiful face and make you conscious when you’re meeting someone, but also indicate that aging has started to take a toll on you. In fact, aging is indeed one of the primary reasons for wrinkles. As skin loses its moisture and elasticity, wrinkles start showing up. With unhealthy food habits, exposure to extreme pollution and stressful lifestyle only aggravate the skin care problems further. However, conversely, if you take care of the above things, you can actually slower the process and there by avoid or lessen wrinkles from appearing on your face.

Home remedies for wrinkles

I’d like to share some quick handy tips which we can incorporate in our lifestyle to prevent wrinkles –

  • Give a thought to your usual diet for a day. Does it include fruits, fresh vegetables, plenty of water regularly? A balanced diet has no better alternative.
  • If you have high intake of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine then that’s a pretty major reason for dry skin and wrinkles.By putting little care, you’ll do much good to your body, not only for wrinkles, but also many other problems.
  • You can take some fruits like pineapple or papaya, cut a piece and apply them on your face. Leave it like that for say 5-10 minutes and then wash it off. It’ll clean the face and prevent wrinkles.
  • A home made honey facepack is also effective in reducing wrinkles and keeping your skin soft and likeable.
  • Coconut or olive oil face massage is often a useful and natural remedy for curing wrinkles.
  • If you don’t have any qualms about handling eggs, then apply egg’s white into the wrinkled area below the eyes. Wait for sometime, till it dries, and then clean it with water. This will give a better look to your eyes and not spoil your makeup with wrinkles in that region.
  • If available, add some turmeric powder to about half a cup of sugarcane juice and apply it regularly. This will help you remove wrinkles and make your skin better.



  1. Hi Nancy..nice article..ur so right..we hav so many anti-wrinkles creams in the market now that we tend to forget that the best way combat such signs of aging is naturally..

  2. I am not a makeup wearer so, wrinkles and lines show the minute they arrive on my face. There is nothing worse than your teenage daughters telling you how much older you look than their friend’s mothers. So when a friend told me to try Made From Earth’s Olive Night Cream, I was interested.

    She bought me a jar online. How could I not use it? OMG. It really works. Like many things you have to be patient and not judge the results before the proper time, in this case at least 4 weeks and preferably 8. I started using the Olive Night Cream, I placed it by the sink and used the morning eye cream just after doing my hair, and the pm just after brushing my teeth at night. But I have to admit after even one week I thought I saw results, but after 4 others definitely noticed a difference. They were not sure what, but everyone said I looked rested, calm. and great. At eight weeks, even my children thought I looked good. Miracles never cease to happen. I love this product and highly recommend it.


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