Natural Remedies & Supplements For Good Sleep


Natural Remedies & Supplements For Good Sleep

The secret behind beauty and good health lies in good sleep. People who have a quality sleep are happier and more successful.

Nowadays, insomnia is a common problem, people have time to sleep but couldn’t hit the sack and thus are becoming the patient of many diseases and unhealthy lifestyle.


No matter if a person earns millions, if he can’t get a sound sleep of 6 hours his money has no worth. A research says, seven to nine hours of quality sleep at night is necessary for a common man to live a healthy life

If you too hold this problem, don’t feel alone as according to a report about 30 percent of total population of India doesn’t have a quality sleep.

So, today we will be discussing some natural supplements which you can take and get instant sleep. It is always better to go for natural rather than artificial supplements as it doesn’t harm the body and also will help you to get a habit of timely sleep in the purest and natural way

Top four Natural Supplements for Good Sleep are:

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Kava
  • Melatonin
  • Valerian

Chamomile tea

chamomile tea benefits

From thousands of years, this supplements is being used for getting good sleep. It is majorly known for its calming effect. It is very effective for people who are suffering from insomnia due to stress. The most important thing here is the brewing of tea which is done as: Two to three tea bags are poured in 2 cups of water and cover the pot with lid. Let it boil till the water remains one cup. Consume the hot tea sip by sip. You will see miracles in a week time only.

Note: Don’t take chamomile tea if you are pregnant.


Kava is the family member of pepper, for faster sleep this plant is considered to be one of the best and easiest natural supplement available.

It reacts to body very fast and help people fall asleep that have insomnia due to improper timings and stress.

Note: Kava is not advisable for people who are alcoholic.


It is a natural hormone which helps in regulating the sleeping and waking cycle of a person. It not only helps in letting a person sleep but also improves the quality and hours of sleep.

Melatonin comes in two forms- extended release and immediate release.

If you cannot feel asleep than you should take immediate release and if you tend to wake up in the middle of sleep and can’t get it back than you must go for extended release. Pills and powders of many brands are available in the market of Melatonin.


valerian tablets

Root of valerian is being used from more than 1800 years for getting instant sleep. It is suggested to use it for a shorter period of time like for four to six weeks.

It is a safe supplement still some people have experienced stomach upset and headache while using it.

Other than Supplements am also suggesting some natural homemade ways that can help in improving the quality of sleep.

  • Eliminating caffeine from diet can help a lot, the must caffeine to leave is in the form of soft drinks and coffee.
  • Anulom vilom (Baba Ramdev’s Yoga exercise) helps a lot, i.e. inhaling from one nostril while blocking the other one and then exhaling from the other one while blocking the first one.


  • Warm bath before hitting the sack or washing full legs before sleeping.

tips to clean bath tub

  • Both calcium and magnesium both are sleep boosters. Taking both the pills together helps very effectively.

Note: It is better to consult doctor once before taking these pills. It is safe to consume it but consultation with doctor can help you decide the right amount of dose.

Have you tried these remedies & natural supplements before?

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