Natural Supplements For Sleep


Natural Supplements For Sleep

The cliche about modern lifestyle causing stress is completely true. This stress often results in lack of sleep. Many people are addicted to sleeping pills and just cannot sleep a wink without them. Sleeping pills may make you sleep but they come with their own sets of side-effects. Herbal supplements on the other hand are milder.

adequate sleep for dark circles

Natural supplements make you sleep soundly but do not be your own doctor and consult an Ayurveda expert before taking any herb. These are the most well known Natural Supplements For Sleep-


chamomile tea

Chamomile is yet another herb well accepted by population due to its soothing capabilities. It helps in reducing stress and relaxes the mind. Those who suffer from insomnia can benefit from chamomile tea as this is a mild sedative. However few are allergic to it; so check if you too are allergic.

Wild lettuce

herbal supplements for sleep

The name is ‘wild’ but this lettuce is actually very calming. It reduces anxiety and restlessness. Wild lettuce also helps in curing headaches and joint pain. Its supplements are readily available in market.


valerian-root-oil (1)

Valerian has a sedative effect so it can help you relax after a stressful, hectic day and also help you sleep peacefully. It is most often used as an alternative medicine for insomnia in place of hypnotic drugs. It helps in falling asleep quickly and improves quality of sleep. But beware, as too much of it can make you extra energetic.


herbs for sleep (1)

The extract of female flowers of hop works well as a mild sedative. It helps in alleviating insomnia and restlessness.

Holy Basil

natural supplements for sleep

This is one herb that is widely present in Indian homes. It calms the mind and also lowers depression. Capsules of holy basil are also available easily that can be consumed for quality sleep.

Passion Flower

sleep inducing herbal supplements

This is not exactly a sleep inducing herb but it does help in reducing anxiety. Less anxiety means a calm mind which induces good sleep. Passion flower is commonly used in making herbal sleep supplements.

Have you tried any of these Natural Supplements For Sleep?

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