How To Naturally Color Your Hair


How To Naturally Color Your Hair

For the last few days we are reading some awesome posts on Anti Ageing stuffs in our beloved blog, be it My Anti-Ageing Arsenal or 10 Effective Face Packs for Wrinkle Free Skin so I thought of doing something for my hairs without harmful chemicals.

When I visited my Mother’s place last month end I shared my concerns with her, she told some of the effective ways to keep naturally coloured. Before posting those tips for all your lovely ladies I decided to try out myself, ladies believe me though the following steps may sound time consuming and a bit “Jhanjhat wala” type but believe me the end result are Super, Super and super worth it. This indeed is a wonder panacea for a lot many hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, roughness and most importantly the problem of grey hairs. So what is this magical recipe, read on to know more:

Pre Colouring Steps:

Preparing Hair Mix for natural dye:


  • Henna/Mehandi Powder.
  • Tea.
  • Coffee.
  • Kathha.
  • Ratnjot Powder (available in Ayurvedic shops)
  • Water.
  • Cloves(Optional).


DIY natural hair color


Method of preparation:

  •       Take two spoons of tea and 3-4 cloves (Optional-only if you fear that Henna may give you cold on account of its cold nature.).
  •       Put these ingredients in one and a half tumbler of water and let the mixture come to a boil.
  •       When the quantity of water reduced to its half turn off the heat, strain the concoction and let it cool down.
  •       In an Iron bowl/container take 1 teaspoon full each of Coffee powder, Ratanjot Powder, and Kathha powder.
  •       To it add concoction water and mix it well.
  •       Finally add Henna powder slowly mixing it well so that no clump is there in the mixture.
  •       Finally you have a thick paste like consistency.
  •       Let this mixture as it is in Iron bowl for 4-5 hours or overnight.


hair coloring mask


Applying Henna on hair:

Applying Henna is three step process- First to prepare the hair for applying Henna, secondly applying it and finally washing the Henna off.

1. Preparing the hair – For getting a proper colour, Henna must be applied to clean hair. Simply wash your hairs, comb them out and then apply Mehandi on hairs.

2. Applying the Henna -  First of all apply Oil or Vaseline along your hairline so that the skin stay protected from the colour of Henna.

Secondly divide your hair into small sections, about 1″-2″ in width so that you can get maximum coverage as you work.

Now either by hands or brush or taking some body’s help apply Henna from roots to tips, working with each small section of hair at a time. Continue this until all of the mixture is evenly applied and covers your entire head so that all your hairs get coated with this mixture

Either cover your hairs with shower cap or leave ‘em as it is. now the most important step-the waiting thing which really is very hard on account of “heavy head” either you engage yourself in some work or sit back to enjoy some movie, after a while you’ll get used to it for rest of the time-even if you don’t, you really have no other option other than keeping your patience :-). I have read that you should leave Henna on hairs for 3-4 hours to get colour but I generally leave Henna for 5-6 hours at least so as to get a darker shade of colour on my hairs, by darker shade I mean reddish brown type not that typical orange red shade of henna on hairs.

3. Rinsing it out –  Now that you are becoming more and more impatient with that heavy mess on the top of your head and looking at clock again and again, it is time to rinse. Take lukewarm water and with light motion of your palms wash this Henna mixture off. Take small sections of your hairs, rinse out the Henna from that portion of hairs, and move on to the next section. This ensures that the Henna is thoroughly rinsed and is bit quicker than attempting to get all of the Henna out at once. As a last step I normally stand under full force shower and wash my hairs with water(please don’t use shampoo at this point of time)this gets rid of any residual Henna and leaves my hair clean and shiny.

Post Coloring Steps:

Now let your hairs dry naturally and gentally comb them. At this juncture you may find your hairs more tangled and rough than before but ladies have some more are on your way to get best of the results. Now apply oil on your hairs and pamper your hairs with a nice hot oil champi 🙂

How to prepare Oil for hairs:


  • 1 cup Olive oil.
  • 1 cup Mustard oil.
  • Half cup Methi dana(Fenugreek Seeds)


oil for colored hair



  • Grind methi dana in mixer-grinder and put it in a glass bottle
  • Now Mix Olive Oil and Mustard Oil in equal proportion and put it in that glass bottle.
  • Close the lid of the bottle and put it in sunlight for a day or two and your oil is ready to use.


hiar oil for colored hair


How to apply the oil?

  • It is always better to apply warm oil on your scalp but don’t heat the oil directly over the flame. Instead boil some water in a container and turn heat off.
  • Now  take one small steel bowl and in it pour the required quantity of hair Oil to be used.
  • Put this bowl inside container with hot vapors and cover it with a lid.
  • After say 4-5 minutes you can take out the oil when it is sufficiently warm. Don’t let that bowl inside the container for long or else vapors will fall back in the bowl and what you have is a diluted mixture of oil and water 🙂
  • Now give your hairs a nice oil massage and leave your hairs like this for overnight.

Next day Shampoo your hair and let them dry naturally to acknowledge bestest of your beautifulll locks and I bet you’ll love your hairs. You will have gorgeous, naturally coloured, soft and conditioned hair that will make heads turn.

naturally colored hair

I know you’ll thank me for your drop dead gorgeous locks after using the aforesaid ingredients/recipes, so ladies “My pleasure” in advance :-D, talking of giving thanks let me thank my mother for sharing these tips with me “THANK YOU MAA FOR EVERY THING…I LOVE YOU”.

My salute to all Mothers and all lovely ladies on this International Women’s day…Happy Women’s Day girls…

That’s all for today, untill next time stay beautiful and stay tuned to this Beauty Adda called Wise She..Ciao.

Do you color you hair the natural way?

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  1. Wow lovely locks Ruhee :envy:
    I too follow the same coloring of my hair to keep may natural brown hair like that…You’ve written it very well dear..!
    This method of using methi is very unique..! I will be surely doing it this time..!! Thanks a lot dear..! :-* :-))

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! Honestly! :*
    I don’t need to colour may hair yet, but I’ll certainly file this away for future reference. :p

  3. Oh boy!! Beautiful hair..<3 M def. Trying the methi wala oil asap..u knw I used to be sceptical abt mehendi coz it gives me severe cold..clove wala tip is so amazing..:) convey my big thankyouuuu to aunty..:)

    • Sure our family it is like a traditional hair oil recipe.
      When u apply henna on hands also, mix fsome inely ground clove will not feel uncomfartable and thanda-thanda.

    • Shivani dont apply any oil on hairs before applying this paste, otherwise you’ll not get porper colour. Simply shampoo your hairs and apply henna mixxture on your hairs. Post washing the mixture you can apply any hair oil on your hairs.

  4. Yes Gurpreet, it is good for getting colored hair, causes no harm to hairs also…if you are not comfortable in using it opt for beet root juice instead.

  5. I have the same length of hair but mine are wavy and frizzy…i will definitely go for re-bonding after sometime..! U have so silky straight hair Ruhee..!

    • I dont like my ultra straight hairs sweety-at times they look so flat and limpy. I love a bit wavy/curly locks. And dont know why I feel that the kind of hairs you have must be beautifully complementing your cute persona..Iam sure you too have beautiful locks..dont you?

      • I have long locks but I don’t find them as good..! although my friends envy my wavy locks when they go for a hair cut with me.. 😉 :-p
        I like silky straight hair Ruhee..but there is surely a limitation in styling them..they will fall flat after a while..!!

  6. Does this colour grey hair? It will look different on grey hair versus black hair na. What do we do to even out the colour.


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