My Nature’s Co. Contest Price Product Experience :)


By Priti,

Thanks to Wiseshe and Nature’s Co for having the contest in Wise She facebook page and which I have won, can’t tell you guys how excited I was when I heard the result 😀

I don’t know why I always has this issue..either I won’t win anything and if I win too I don’t get it ..happened to me so many times. So when Anu mailed me that the products having problem with customs clearance in Singapore I was bit disappointed 🙁 And then on 1st May I received a courier of below items. That day I was going out and if I would have been five  more minutes late I wouldn’t have got the courier, I quickly went to kitchen open the packet (deep inside me I knew it has to be from Nature’s Co, who else will send me courier!!) saw the items, left those in kitchen counter and went out. After a day I informed Anu about it, I wanted to try the product for a while before I do the review that’s why the review is coming late.

Nature's Co Red and Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion Review

  • Product ~ Nature’s Co Red and Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion

  • For Skin Type ~ I guess it’s for all (not mention in the pack or at their website)

  • Price ~ INR 375 for 125ml

  • What sunsceen Claims ~ You can bravely face the sun with this all-natural sun protector. Red Tea will shield  your skin from harsh UV rays  while providing you with essential moisturizing and conditioning while Green Tea has powder anti-oxidants properties.
  • How to use ~ Massage gently onto your face, neck, hands and other exposed parts of body at least 30 minutes before going out into sun.

** For added protection, reapply after excessive  perspiration or extended sun exposure.

Nature's Co. Green 'n' Red Tea Sunscreen review

My Experience with Nature’s Co Red and Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion

Natures Co Red and Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion comes in plastic tube with product details written and it’s falls under their STARRIZE category.  The tube comes with a litle label call Know Your Ingredients.  Isn’t it cute?

Sunscreen Reviews by Nature's company

The lotion itself in light cream colour and runny (or it’s due the weather here?)  Texture is light and smooth and it’s smell just so good.

Ingredients of Sunscreen : Red tea Extract, Green Tea Extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract, Sesame Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lotion Base and natural Preservatives

Green Tea Cream Review

This lotion takes a while to absorb on skin, so we have to gently massage it all over for it to get absorb fully (as the instruction says, I don’t follow instructions that’s my problem) but I think this way I give little massage to my face 😉

Only a tiny amount is enough, if used more then it’s takes longer to blend with skin as can you see in the pic below.


Which Sunscreen to use in summer

Now the best part, for a change this sunscreen doesn’t feel greasy and oily. I can’t tell how happy am to write it.  I personally don’t use sun blocks or sun screen coz they are greasy ..I hate that feeling ( I know I have to use sun screen but that’s just not me).   Even after hours my face is not oily and even in this terrible Singapore weather, did I told you guys the weather is killing now a days here.  And I didn’t get sun tan or burn while am using this lotion.

This sun screen is really good and better than most of the sun screen I have tried.

What I liked about Nature’s Co Sunscreen

  • Sweet, refreshing smell – best thing about this lotion
  • Non-greasy and non-oily
  • Smell stays for few hours.

What I didn’t like about Nature’s Co Sunscreen

  • No SPF content mention 🙁
  • Have to reapply if sweating [but sweating is normal in summer rite?  I’m sweating non-stop now a days 🙁 ]
  • Except the no SPF mention part, I’m happy with the lotion, it’s really good and serving it’s purpose.


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  2. Wow! It feels so nice after winning something na? I can imagine..And its like a double bonanza when the item u win turns out to be so gud!! Congrats!

    • Priti i for got to answer yur should apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out from home because then only it is most effective..also re -applying after one or two hours when u r under the sun is recommended too:)


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