Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack For Blemishes And Pigmentation Review


Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack For Blemishes And Pigmentation Review-

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Today I thought of sharing the review of a product which I have been using quite religiously this season. Before I throw it away I thought I will quickly let you know my thoughts about this product.

This is Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack for Blemishes & Pigmentation that is to be reviewed today.


Nature's Essence Papaya Pack REVIEW

About Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack for Blemishes & Pigmentation-

Eliminate all the toxins from your skin with this Papaya Pack from Nature’s Essence.

Reduces Pigmentation and Blemishes

The active ingredients in this pack reduce the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes, leaving skin clear and beautiful.

Improves Skin Complexion

This papaya pack penetrates deep into your pores and improves your complexion.

Removes Dead Epithelial Cells

Besides detoxifying your skin, this pack removes dead epithelial cells.

Lowers the Melanin Content

The rich formulation in this cream lowers the melanin content and gives you that flawless skin.




INR 120 for 60g.You can buy from here


This face pack comes in the regular capsule like tub packaging. The body is orange and opaque along with an orange screw open cap which gets enclosed tightly. Overall packaging is hygienic and great for the deadly summers.

Product Color & Texture-

The papaya face pack if the color of fuller earth’s powder and has a creamy consistency which uniformly spreads over the face.


My Experience with Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack for Blemishes & Pigmentation-

IThis face pack is almost on the verge of getting finished soon so I wanted to share my views about this face pack which claims to act on blemishes & pigmentation.

The product is effective but only for a short lived time and that too without much effects on the blemishes of the face. This is a nice moisturizing face pack with the goodness of papaya in it.

The texture is apt for both oily & dry skin beauties so it can be tried once to get a personal experience of how it works for different skin.

The face pack is very moisturizing and doesn’t dries out the facial skin. In fact after usage you feel that your skin is super soft.

About the claims on blemish removal & pigmentation, I want to say that there is no magical difference from this face pack and sadly it is not very rewarding on that part.

The face pack when applied takes almost 15 minutes to dry completely. On an average, this pack will be sufficient for 7-8 uses on the face.

I would say, It can be opted one time given the fact that price is low so what’s the harm in trying it one time.

What I like about Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack for Blemishes & Pigmentation-

  • Moisturizing on the skin
  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Gives instant softness to the face
  • Creamy texture
  • Spreads evenly
  • Tub packaging
  • Economically priced

What I don’t like about Nature’s Essence Papaya Face Pack for Blemishes & Pigmentation-

  • Short lived results
  • Not very effective on blemishes & pigmentation

Wiseshe Rating-


As I was going to take head bath I applied it in a messy way don’t judge me 😛

Will I recommend?-

It can be tried out once given that it can be used on both oily & dry skin. It is worth one time use unless it gives you great results.Don’t expect any miracles from this product!

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  1. He he but you are such a cute and lovely guinea pig 🙂 …I have used it once but it’s just an average product, didn’t make much difference to my skin…

  2. aww you look so cute..I cannot even dare to do this 😛 Currently I am using their lacto tan clear one and it is working well but takes some time to show results :))

  3. You look so cute:razz:
    I have used nature’s essence’s products bt not this one. I personally find them effective on my skin!

  4. Ya i have tried it… I too like it a lot! They have a few products that i totally love… You must try their platinum scrub gel.. It is my favorite..

  5. You look adorable! And can I be frank about something? this is what I love the most about WS,I Mean where else will you find a blogger of your level using Nature’s Essence? I am sure they will start running away! <3 how you review all kinds of products for all kinds of pockets (lol)


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