Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review


By Jaya Pradha

Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream


Hello beauties..

Very happy seen you all again..Hope all are enjoying your time..This time I’m going to review on Nature’s essence under eye cream. The company is not so popular though their products are cost effective and offer wide range of items for every day use. I was comfortable with all other items of this brand. But not with this oneL I Came across this one while shopping online. I was eager to try this because I have dark circles(even say as black circles :-)) and hated to wear kajal( which I’d love to). So having huge expectations in my mind I went for this. But I found nothing effective through this cream


Nature's Essence Under Eye Cream


About Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

Potato based under eye cream that helps in reducing the under eye dark circles associated with ageing & stress. It also moisturizes the skin around the eye.

Price: INR 85 for 40 g. You may buy it from flipkart here.

Ingredients: Potato Extract, Germanium oil, Cederwood oil and Sesame oil.

Usage: Massage eye area for 5 minutes at night. Leave the cream overnight or wipe it after 30 minutes for desired results.

My experience with Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

The carton of the product says cream has potato and almond oil extracts but the ingredient list doesn’t state almond oil at all. So this itself made me suspicious about the product. Coming to the packing, it’s a tub with an inner and outer lid. The cream is very pale yellow in color with aroma of Johnson’s baby lotion. The tub has so much of the product and anyone can use it for an entire year even on daily basis. About its effectiveness, you need only very little of the product every time which itself is very moisturizing.


Nature's Essence UnderEye Cream


We need to massage it for at least 3 minutes to get the cream completely absorbed into the skin. And basically am lazy and using it every night is tough for me(it takes 3 minutes of sleep man!!)But I followed religiously for a week but I saw no improvement on my dark circles. Every time I use it ,I feel my eye area moisturized and cool. Only this comforts me. Otherwise I’m vexedL.I’m not aware of its claim of reduction in puffiness as I don’t have any.

Overall I would say its an average product to use as eye cream but not with hope of reducing dark circles. It doesn’t do that my ladiesLI feel for its such low price I expected big dramas to happen on meL


Natures Essence Under Eye Cream  swatch


What I like about Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

  • Low price.
  • Moisturizes effectively.
  • Not oily. So even oily skinned beauties like me can use 🙂
  • Huge amount for low price.
  • Nice aroma

What I dont like about Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

  • Doesn’t reduce dark circles.
  • Doesn’t absorb easily.
  • Tub packaging is not hygienic.
  • Confusing ingredient list.

Overall ,You can skip this product as it doesn’t do what t claims.

Rating: 2/5 for its moisturizing effect.

Deserves a repurchase? A big NOOOO.

Have you tried Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream ?

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    • Thanks ur warm welcome ruhee:)luv ur name:)n tis product :(u knw it spoiled my entire dreams of having bright eyes..:'(


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