Nausea cure during pregnancy

By Gunjan
Every woman gets excited when she gets pregnant. Motherhood is said to be the best experience of one’s life. The most hated thing in pregnancy which many women will agree is nausea. Nausea vanish the joy which a woman experience during her pregnancy.
Also, as baby health is always a priority woman do not prefer to take many medicines especially in problems like nausea or head ache.

Below are some alternative remedies which are pretty simple and will help you and wont harm the baby too.

1. Put some peppermint oil on the pillow and you can drop some of it on a handkerchief. Sniff the handkerchief whenever you have the nausea feeling. When you are sleeping pillow will keep the problem at bay.
2. Eat one banana during your mid meals. Banana contains potassium and helps in balancing the blood sugar. Banana are great fillers too so they won’t make you feel much hungry and will keep the nausea away from you.
3. Have 5-6 small meals throughout the day. This doesnt give over eaten or too hungry feeling which too becomes one of the causes of nausea.
4. Having ginger tea 2-3 times a day in moderate amount is a well known remedy which is recommended by most of the old ladies.
Hope above tips helps you out and make your pregnancy a beautiful memorable experience.
P.S-If you are allergic to ginger and banana then please consult your doctor before having it.
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  1. the banana tip is good… wish i'd known about this sooner… but i'd differ from u abt the tea… pregnant women are advised to reduce the caffeine intake, so 2-3 times chai is a bad idea…!

  2. anks i also spoke to gunjan about this..she said that drinking like 1/4th cup helps..this is what her babhi is your health anks and recently i went thru the same face " no time" from hubby for the first time..i was thinking about yur pose:D

  3. Hi Ankita..Too much caffeine is certainly is not recommended during pregnancy but having ginger tea in nausea helps a lot..this has been personally experiences by my Babhi.I especially mentioned moderated word but i think i should have been more clear:)


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