Navaratna Jewelry – The beauty of nature’s multi color gems



It has been so long I spoke about jewelries. Today it is time for some multi color feast for eyes. :-). Navartana, means Nine Gems (Nava is Nine; Ratna is Gems)

This has been my long pending post (May be over a year!!!). Either my this jewelry is at my mom’s place, or my that jewelry is stuffed inside the safe locker, or I bring out this chain from the locker to wear for a family event and yet put it back into the locker without clicking.

And by the way, I am still not able to show my entire collection of Navaratna Jewelries. My armlet (baju bandh) is not included in person. So, I included a pic of my wedding attire. It is a part of my bridal jewelry.

All these colored gems that comprises the Navaratna are so vibrant that they not only make the jewelry piece to stand out; but also the wearer gets a great recognition of owning. We ladies have lot of variety and patterns to wear the navaratna jewelry. We are so fortunate to be born in the midst of these gems. What say!!!???


Importance of Navaratna:

The nine gems have astrological importance. These gems are believed to represent the nine planets. The common form of wearing these nine gems daily is the square patterned finger ring.

I have seen many people wearing this squared finger ring. It is believed to bring good health, good luck and good future.

navaratna finger ring


Wearing Navaratna jewelries:-


Without these colorful gems, I feel the jewelry collection is incomplete. These suit all type of personalities. Navaratna jewelries are the most neutral type of choice which can be carried without any effort. Heavy or light, huge ones or small ones; all types of selection are available to suit the style choice.


Some pieces from my collection:-


There is nothing fancy or designer in the jewelry collection I am showing. They all tend to be traditional in nature. I am never allowed to choose my style of jewelry. Because the argument is,

‘the fancier and trendy ones never stay in fashion for long. Fashion keeps changing. And they are not strong enough to be used often. Traditional ones tend to be permanent in their style and are made strong in nature.’

And I am left with nothing to argue back. :-(. So stick with whatever is selected for me.


Multi color double strand chain, Pearl hanging from Navaratna pendant:-


By multi color chain I mean, it is included with coral, pearl, jade and gold beads. So, for the chain, all of the nine gems have not been used. The idea is to keep the chain in sync with the navaratna pendant.


 Navaratna pearl hanging pendant+bead jewelry

Multi color double chain+crystal jewelry


Single strand multi color chain, V-shaped navaratna pendant:-


In this piece the chain again comprises of only coral, pearl and jade. In between these beeds a gold pattern that forms the shape of ground nut is included. I had shown a similar groundnut knot chain in my coral jewelry collection. Have a look!!. The pendant is a stiff one in the V shape.

            Mukti color single chain+jewelry from india

Navaratna V shaped pendant+gems jewelry                                                                                                            

A pair of Navaratna bangle:

A gold base bangle with gems set in between through tiny gold prongs.


Pair of Navaratna bangles+jewelry gems

Navaratna bangle design+indian jewelry


Navaratna armlet with huge coral in between:

Navaratna armlet is a jewelry with a big oval shaped coral in between and surrounded by the nine gems. It is included with gold chain hanging and some pearl hangings too.


Navaratna armlet+bridal jewelry


(I will show a better closer image of this armlet very soon. Pinky promise.!! :-P)

Now I realize that I do not have a Navaratna earring. I got to add a stud or a hanging one very soon. :-).

And yes, everything is real. The base metal is 22k gold. All pieces bought from Bhima Jewellers.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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