Neem For Beauty, Skin & Hair


Neem for Beauty, Skin & Hair


Nature has endowed a vast variety of flora in the form of fruits, grains herbs etc. for the betterment of human lives. While fruits and grains are directly consumed by people to sustain a healthy living, there are tremendous ranges of medicinal herbs that Mother Nature has gifted to the human beings. One such powerful medicinal herb is Neem and it has been extensively used by people from ancient times for a number of beauty and skin related issues.


Benefits of Neem for skin


Here in this post we will discuss the many benefits of Neem for Beauty, Skin and Hair and know about the wonderful ways in which one can include Neem in their beauty and hair care routine.

Benefits of Neem for Beauty purposes

Prevents acne & pimples

The regular use of Neem in the form of face pack or essential oil makes sure that there are no occasional appearance of pimples and acne on the face which are known to diminish the beauty of a face.


Benefits of Neem for Beauty purposes


Slows down aging of skin

Neem is known to be very rich in anti-oxidants and contains a high level of essential fatty acids & multi-vitamins which are constantly working on the free radicals to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on  the skin. The use of Neem in the beauty routine rejuvenates the skin and imparts a younger looking firm skin.

Prevents clogging of pores

Neem has amazing exfoliation ability and due to this it is able to keep the skin free from blackheads and clear the clogged pores. The use of Neem on the face is likely to give a clarifying radiance to the face making it healthier day by day.

Benefits of Neem for Skin problems

Treats minor cuts & wounds

Neem is known to be a medicinal herb and has great anti-septic properties due to which it is employed to treat minor cuts, burns and wounds in an effective and herbal manner.

Treats skin irritations

Neem is known to relieve the skin from various irritations and allergies caused on the skin. Normal skin infections are easily treated with the use of neem leaves extract.


Prevents acne & pimples


Treatment of fungal infections on the skin

Neem is also a staple homemade & effective treatment for the fungal infections caused on the skin like ring worms, foot worms, itching etc.

Treats skin pigmentation & blemishes

Neem is also known to be a cure for treating dark and blemished skin to achieve its natural pigmentation. The continuous use of Neem powder or essential oil in a face pack serves the purpose in an effective way.

Benefits of Neem for Hair

So, the beauty and skin only don’t enjoy the wonders of Neem but it is also a great herbal way of taking care of the hair too.

Treats scalp problems

Neem is known to cure the scalp problems like dandruff in a safe and effective way without the use of chemicals on hair. It improves the circulation of blood on the scalp area and due to which the problem of hair fall is visibly reduced and the hair growth is promoted.


Benefits of Neem for Hair


Serves as a great hair cleanser

The use of Neem on the scalp also serves as a great option of shampoo and gets rid of dirt and oil on the scalp in a non-messy and gentle way.

Kills lice on the scalp

Lice are known to create a bad impression in front of others and cause irritation of the scalp, so the use of Neem essential oil will kill the lice present and your hair will be protected from the harsh shampoos that are available in the market especially formulated for this purpose.

Acts as a great conditioner

Neem is also a great conditioner for the hair and treats dry & frizzy locks in a gentle way so that they turn smooth and supple and that too with all the goodness of herbs.

Do you use neem in your beauty regime?

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    • Thanks Dear..I remember I had a very bad skin allergy when I was 15 and all the remedies failed to cure my skin..then boiled neem leaves mixture worked magically well and I swear to its use since then.. :-))

  1. great one Ira I never knew abt so many benefits of our good old neem, ever since i saw it as a ingredient in FE ubtan I have started using neem powder in face packs as well and it surely works well :))

  2. I love has done wonders to clear my acne when I was in college..this post has made e so nostalgic..thanx for the post sweety.

  3. hey any 1 tell me how to use neem on face I hv never used it or any readymade neem powder available pls let me knew….I hv a small pores on checks n forehead will it b helpful to clear them pls rpy

  4. Nice post Iru :yes: Neem is great for those who have chicken pox also na. My mom used to rub neem on my sister’s thumb when she was a kid to curb her thumb-sucking habit 😛

  5. Oh your poor sis..!! 🙁 So..I guess she must have quit the habit after that..!! :thinking:
    Yes Nafisa it is still widely used as a remedy to cure chicken pox…am glad you it..!

  6. I had to drink a neem decoction for over 3 months due to a recurring skin allergy. But while it cured the allergy, it also increased the basal temperature of my body. So as they say, everything is good but only in moderation.. :p

  7. Great post. I don’t find too many been tries in China, any neem powders that you can suggest that are available online?

    • Thanks Himani..These days Neem trees are very difficult to spot..! I ask my maid to bring some branches from her place once in a month..! :-))


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