Neha Dhupia diet and fitness tips


Neha Dhupia starts her day by drinking a liter of water to clean her system. After that she goes for a small glass of water with lemon juice and honey to spruce up the body.

Breakfast consist of fruit juice, two toasts of bread and one egg. Neha never eats boiled and fried stuff in the morning as it makes her feel dull and tired.
During the day Neha goes for dal, three roti’s, sabzi with lots of green salads and roasted papad. Some time she had yogurt too in form of salad o raita. She binges on non-vegetarian food once in a week with rice.
In dinner she almost eats nothing or have a glass of juice. According to Neha one manages to digest even a heavy meal but at night there is no way the bulk get assimilated that’s the reason the lesser then better for dinner.
Neha do not believe in fasting and believes that fasting can do more harm than good to the body and her favorite food is pasta/
Fitness advice

Neha workout six times a week with her trainer Ahmed Yousif and follow a  mixed programme which involves cardio and weight training.

Neha firmly believe that what one eats shows in one’s mind and body hence one should eat with care.

Don’t just dump anything and everything into your tummy. If one cannot afford the expensive juices, there are cheaper alternatives like spinach, coriander, tomato, carrot and radish juices. They act in the same way as orange, anar, apple or grape juice. Never compromise on health as your body depends on it for work and pleasure. Regular exercise is also a must to keep the mind alert and the body active. Sluggishness is a result to low stamina levels. Health maintenance is not all that difficult or expensive as it is made out to be.

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