Neha Kakkar Fashion & Makeup Style



Neha Kakkar Fashion & Makeup Style

Neha Kakkar, who rose to fame with Indian Idol 2 is now a known name in the music industry.


Neha Kakkar Indian Idol 2


Neha is young and is fun to be around. She loves to keep herself very simple and stylish, yet manages to look perfect. She is chirpy, fun loving and doesn’t want to sit inside a box.

She feels that chic is actually being comfortable in what you are in. She no doubt loves experimenting, but that doesn’t mean she’ll always blindly follow trends and wear something which makes her feel uncomfortable and clumsy. She is mostly comfortable in her pair of trousers and jeans. For tops, she prefers tank tops, tee and shirts and the all new trend setter crop tops too.

Because, most of the time she is seen in funky crop tops.


Neha Kakkar celebrity stylle

Neha Kakkar crop tops

Neha Kakkar croptop style


Little black dress is another “thing” which she cannot part with.


Neha Kakkar dressing style


Not only black, she loves LBD is a varied range of shades.


Neha Kakkar LittleBlackDress


But not only dresses, skirts are her favorites too. Mini-skirts and knee length ones are her absolute favorites.


fashion and style of Neha Kakkar


Colors or monochrome? It all depends on her mood and the occasion she is going to attend.

In makeup, she isn’t a fan of heavy makeup and wear makeup only when necessary. She loves to keep herself as simple as possible with kohl, mascara and lip gloss. She is not fond of heavy bases unless it is some occasion. For regular use she chooses a tinted moisturizer.


Neha Kakkar makeup style


But sometimes, she loves color as well. She loves going for bold eyes and simple lips or scarlet lips and toned down eyes. She feels that in her complexion, sultry smoky eyes look the best.

Two skincare products that she cannot live without are Cetaphil facewash and Vaseline body lotion. She relies on homemade hair packs and loves aloe vera and hibiscus infused packs. She swears by drinking lots and lots and lots of water, it is very essential for the impeccable glow.

While taking about handbag essential, she includes a tissues, facial wipes, tinted moisturizer, kajal, mascara, tinted lip-balms, deodorant and hair serum. Yes, her hair is naturally very curly and frizzy, and the love to do whatever they feel like, thus to tame them, she always keeps a serum handy. She loves Schwarzkopf shampoos and conditioners, but for hair oils, her favorite is our old favorite parachute coconut oil. Twice a week champi is what she loves.

Her curly hair is absolute lust.


Neha kakkar makeup styles


They say good things come in small packages, and singer Neha Kakkar is the living example of it.

The beautiful looking petite diva, she is the power house of talent. Somebody has rightly complimented her-
“She has a voice which can melt stones and tame unruly colts.”

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